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Inching towards memorandum?

Feature Photo Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuri Prodan, Slovak Economy Minister Tomáš Malatinský and European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger (from left) met in Bratislava on April 24 to discuss the launch of the reverse flow of natural gas from Slovakia to Ukraine. The partners said on April 24 that a memorandum on reverse-flow gas supplies could be signed on April 28, the TASR newswire reported. 24 Apr 2014 More Feature Photos
Harabin has a rival SUPREME Court President Štefan Harabin already has at least one challenger as he seeks re-election to the country’s top judicial post, and his effort to hold onto the job has provoked 13 judges of the Supreme Court to publicly oppose his controversial candidacy. 24 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Eurovoľby Slovak Word of the Week Locked THE EURO elections (eurovoľby) roughly coincide with the time when Iveta Radičová’s term as prime minister was supposed to expire. Were it not for the 2011 no-confidence vote, the country would still be run by a centre-right government, Robert Fico would be the leader of the opposition (or the president-elect), General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár just a regular prosecutor, and controversial Supreme Court boss Štefan Harabin would probably not be considering re-election. 24 Apr 2014 More from Opinion
Policies targeting violence against women lacking WOMEN that are the targets of violence in Slovakia often remain silent and hide their pain under the pretext of social conventions that lead them to expect a lack of sensitivity from relatives or police. In Slovakia every fifth woman has personally experienced violence, a fact linked to gender prejudices and women’s economic dependence on men. 17 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Land sale to foreigners a threat? LEGAL barriers preventing some foreign nationals from buying land in Slovakia should be lifted in a couple of weeks. A group of MPs and citizens oppose this arrangement and are already attempting to change it. The Agriculture Ministry, however, says there is no reason to panic. 21 Apr 2014 More from Business
Closing the door to extremism EDITORIAL SOME right-wing extremists, once making it into office on the wave of people’s frustration, at least pretend to be working towards more than their petty agenda. Marian Kotleba does not even bother. 21 Apr 2014 More from Opinion
Role models vary with age Spectator College A glossary of words as well as an exercise related to this article are also published online. 21 Apr 2014 More from Spectator College
Boris Németh
Bratislava celebrates cultural fusion FOR A whole week, several venues and streets in downtown Bratislava saw a higher than usual concentration of foreigners, but also Slovaks, many of whom attended a series of unique and sometimes exotic events. The Fjúžn festival, dubbed “the festival of new minorities”, took place in the Slovak capital between April 10 and 16, offering a host of events in its ninth year. 21 Apr 2014 More from Culture & Society
Countrywide Events Music, Theater, Exhibition... Western SLOVAKIA 21 Apr 2014 More from Culture & Society
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Quote of the Week
“We discussed it with them, they changed their minds and returned back.” Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák commenting on how Slovakia dealt with the first four Ukrainians who applied for asylum.