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Coalition now a club of three

The break-up of Sieť brings redistribution of power in state posts.


RegioJet increases price of tickets

The cheapest ticket will now cost €12.


Austrian environmental scandal could affect Slovakia

Austrian scandal could influence the talc dispute in Slovakia involving EuroGas AG and Schmid Industrieholding.


Piešťany still draws, welcomes foreignersPhoto

Frequent Middle East visitors make spa town one of Slovakia's most multicultural places, and incidents are few and far between.

Culture & lifestyle

Searching for ancestors in Slovakia (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide)Plus

Searching for roots of the family tree is generally getting easier thanks to internet and digitised archives.


Volkswagen has settled the dispute, for now

Sixty Slovak employees of Martin-based plant may return to work.


Firms criticise planned tax package

The new tax package, recently presented by the Finance Ministry, may have a negative impact on the business environment in Slovakia, but the ministry defends the measures.


Fico to dine with Putin

The two statesmen will discuss the Nord Stream project.

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Forex rates

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Slovak Olympic House has smuggled food

Bryndza, other delicacies, bypassed customs inspections in transit to Rio 2016.

Cardiovascular institute violated public procurement rules

The state institute did not check the ownership structure of the winning firm properly.

The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases

EU justice ministers call for suppressing radicalism

The pivotal theme of the conference is to facilitate a discussion about the problem of growing radicalism in Europe.

European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics and Slovak Justice Minister Lucia Žitňanská

Kaufland, illutsrative stock photo

Kaufland gets another one-million fine

The retailer Kaufland is supposed to pay for repeated transgressions.

E-stickers to help halve toll collection costs

This includes mostly the payments for distributing and printing traditional highway stickers.

Highways in Slovakia could become the subject of strategic orders.

Leo Express will run buses from Prague to Banská Bystrica

There will be two pairs of buses dispatched every day.

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Blog: Slniečkars from all Slovakia, unite!

“How do you translate slniečkar in English?” I ask my Slovak colleague. “Ha! I don’t know what it exactly means in Slovak either.”

Everybody’s problem

While Slovak politics do not match this larger model exactly, the current apolitical government certainly does and the recent collapse of Sieť is playing into the trend, while fuelling anger at politics generally.

Blog: Can small Slovak NGOs help solving global challenges?

A small gesture in the beginning can have a huge impact in the end, especially when workshops and educative tools are used on a weekly basis.

Slovakia will send more soldiers to Cyprus

Other countries are also sending more soldiers to the island.

Slovak soldiers leave mission in Mali

Slovakia began participating in the mission following last year’s terrorist attacks in France.

EP deals with pensioner who lost Slovak citizenship

The State Citizenship Act has deprived more than 1,390 people of their Slovak passports.

People all over the world meet together at joint hunts of Pokémon creatures.

Pokémon rules Slovak game scene

Groups of fans meet and hunt together for well-known cartoon creatures in cities around Slovakia.

Foreigners: Events around Slovakia

Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between August 26 and September 4, including festivals, outdoor, night tours, classical music and more.

Agent Fresco

Dolná Poruba witnesses biggest rainfall in past 1,000 years

This summer witnessed more rainfall than last year.

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Matej Tóth

Slovakia wins its first athletic Olympic medal Photo

Race walker Matej Tóth won gold in Rio.

Kozák introduced players for match against England

Slovak football players will play their first world cup qualification match on September 4.

Ján Kozák

Slovak representation satisfied with the Olympics

Slovakia wins four medals, placing 37th overall.