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Celebrating Roma Day

Feature Photo To mark International Roma Day on April 8, the Ethnographic Museum in Martin prepared a programme for young Roma. 10 Apr 2014 More Feature Photos
Smer's judicial picks disputed RESUMES featuring experience on the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights did not impress the ruling Smer party, whose MPs on April 3 instead nominated several candidates without any previous experience in constitutional law for 12-year seats with the country’s Constitutional Court. 10 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Malinová case goes to court HEDVIGA Žáková, whose case has dragged on for nearly eight years and has become synonymous with an individual caught up in the state machinery, now finds herself in court for perjury – a result receiving condemnation from human rights groups. 14 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Slovakia marks 10 years in NATO Anniversary comes as Russian incursion into Ukraine casts security in new light THE 10th anniversary of Slovakia’s NATO membership has come as the military alliance considers future strategy in the wake of Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula. Now a stable member of this 28-member club, for Slovakia this was not always a given. 14 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Justifying injustice EDITORIAL LESS than a week after it became clear that Robert Fico will not yet be able to add the presidency to his collection of personal political powers, the ruling Smer party nominated five candidates without any previous experience in constitutional law for 12-year terms with the country’s Constitutional Court, while overlooking experts with extensive international working backgrounds. Those who even for a millisecond believed that Fico, the failed presidential candidate, actually meant his comment that he was losing patience with the troubled judiciary and that his promises on cleaning up the sector were genuine, were terribly wrong. 14 Apr 2014 More from Opinion
Dvere Slovak Word of the Week “IT’S useless asking where the door (dvere) is shut,” former justice minister Lucia Žitňanská said when explaining why she didn’t even consider joining the new right-wing party announced by Radoslav Procházka and chose to join Most–Híd instead. But the quote could serve to illustrate the state of the political right in general. 10 Apr 2014 More from Opinion
Regional paper praises fascist state THE FLAG of the European Union is a symbol of occupation, and the Nazi-allied wartime Slovak state was a prosperous and successful country: these are just the two most striking examples of the kind of rhetoric found in a newspaper published by the Banská Bystrica regional government since Marian Kotleba became governor. 14 Apr 2014 More from Politics & Society
Disputed law revised THE LAW on personal data protection will change after being in effect for less than a year, as the government has responded to employers’ complaints that it is impossible to implement in practice. Though employers say parts of the law are still problematic, they consider the revised legislation an improvement. 14 Apr 2014 More from Business
Jana Liptáková
Lamb, roses and red wine (video included) Cooking with Ambassadors SISTERS Valeria and Isabela Hadjiyska, along with Tsvetelina Gencheva, the director of the Bulgarian elementary and high school in Bratislava, who wore a black blouse richly decorated with Bulgarian folk motifs, were carefully placing hardboiled eggs into bowls with red, blue, yellow and green food colouring. In order to complement the Bulgarian embassy’s efforts to bring Bulgarian cuisine and culture to the Slovak audience, they decorated the eggs using different techniques passed down through families to the young to preserve the spirit of Easter. 14 Apr 2014 More from Cooking
Photo: Courtesy of Michalský Dvor gallery
Countrywide Events Music, Theater, Exhibition... Western SLOVAKIA 14 Apr 2014 More from Culture & Society
Marton Nagy
Fjúžn connects diverse V4 cultures THE FJÚŽN (Fusion) multicultural festival, exploring the cultures of “new minorities”, as well as their contributions to Slovak society, has already become a traditional spring event in the capital. The festival’s 9th edition, starting in mid-April, will focus on immigrants - their search for a new life and their forms of cultural expression, and will take place at the KC Dunaj and other venues. 7 Apr 2014 More from Culture & Society
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Quote of the Week
“Some [people] already call me Mr President, which always subconsciously startles me [and I look to check] whether someone is standing behind me.” President-elect Andrej Kiska commenting on how he feels in his new role in the days following his election win.