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Slovakia marks the 70th anniversary of the SNP

Feature Photo Slovak President Andrej Kiska, Prime Minister Robert Fico, SNP participants and others marked the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) in Bratislava two days ahead. The main ceremony is planned to take place in Banská Bystrica on Friday, August 29. 28 Aug 2014 More Feature Photos
Top officials and dignitaries from 40 countries gather for SNP celebrations BETWEEN 10,000 and 15,000 people attended the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) in Banská Bystrica on August 29, SNP Museum Director Stanislav Mičev estimated for the SITA newswire. 31 Aug 2014 More from Politics & Society
Medveď sacked for renting own car Ex-minister accused of abuse of powers as stock exchange head A FORMER environment minister, who now heads the largely state-run stock exchange, has been using state funds to rent a car from his own company and as a result must leave his post, after opposition MP Miroslav Beblavý revealed the mishap on August 25. 1 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
Star EU won 70 out of 70 tenders it applied for Cronyism practices connected with the ruling party revealed in a recent study on EU funds drawing at municipal level NUMEROUS municipalities around Slovakia have made use of the external project management services of a single company under questionable circumstances. Transparency watchdogs have labelled this a potentially major case of cronyism in drawing EU funds and are calling on the European Commission to look into the matter. 1 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
“Anti-gay” referendum petitions has signatures Conservatives push for vote Nov. 15, initiative on Kiska’s desk SUPPORTERS of the ideas of families and marriage calling for higher legislative protection have succeeded in collecting enough signatures to hold a referendum. Opponents plainly call the proposal an “anti-gay” referendum. 1 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
Slovakia wary of cut in crude oil supply WHILE the prospect of disruption to natural gas supplies is the major worry of the Slovak government, the country is also bracing for a possible cut or halt in supplies of Russian crude oil via Ukraine. Prime Minister Robert Fico and other state representatives met with representatives of the oil pipeline company Transpetrol on August 25 in response to the sanction law which Ukraine recently adopted. 1 Sep 2014 More from Business
Activities for all ages Discover Košice Region with Košice Region Travel Guide . “Hello. Your tickets, please,” say child railway conductors in uniforms as they welcome passengers of the Children’s Railway. A 130-year old locomotive Katka whistles from May to October as the choo-choo is running from Čermeľ for four kilometres to the stop Alpinka. 27 Aug 2014 More from Regional News
Pavol Majer
Commemorating the death of the Blood Countess THE LEGENDS say she killed several hundred young girls and bathed in their blood in an attempt to retain her youth. Elizabeth Báthory, who has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history, died four centuries ago on August 21, 1614 in Čachtice Castle, western Slovakia. However, her real actions, motives and cause of death remain a subject of debate. 1 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
Separatista Slovak Word of the Week NORMALLY, you don’t see Slovaks travelling the world and blowing themselves up or beheading people. But allegations by Ukraine that a Slovak citizen was caught fighting for the pro-Russian separatists indicate that there are ideologies which inspire violence even in members of our “dove nation”. Sure, it’s hard to draw any serious conclusions from one case, and acts of war and terror are often the result of personal frustration rather than political conviction. 21 Aug 2014 More from Opinion
Making history EDITORIAL MANY Slovaks will associate the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) with the long weekend they get thanks to August 29 falling on a Friday. Those born before the 1980s might recall centrally organised celebrations of the SNP when as students they had to wear their pioneer uniform, the blue shirt with the red scarf around their neck designed for the Communist Party’s youth organisation, and march to the town square to listen to endless speeches about the leading role the communists had in everything good in their life. 25 Aug 2014 More from Opinion
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Countrywide Events Music, Theatre, Exhibition... Western SLOVAKIA 1 Sep 2014 More from Culture & Society
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Quote of the Week
“Well, I think that we should end the question hour sooner.”

Parliament Speaker Pavol Paška responded to a question during the question hour of Slovak Parliament, which was simulated for children. The question was why MPs are not fired when they are drunk in parliament?