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School leaving exams draw flood of complaints

DESPITE an outcry from students and schools in the wake of the written section of the school leaving exams, authorities claim that the tests were not significantly more difficult than they have been in the past.  

Politics & society

Kiska again gives away monthly salary to the poor

JUST like the month before, President Andrej Kiska has given his month salary to 10 families in dire straits.   


Successful downhill skier may leave Slovakia for Russia

SLOVAKIA may lose Adam Žampa, a winner of several medals who also placed fifth and sixth at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Politics & society

More firearms in Slovakia, but used in fewer crimes

LAST year Slovaks owned a record number of firearms, but gun related crimes occur about half as often as they did a decade ago.


Slovaks need to open up to immigrants

FOREIGNERS can hardly be expected to feel welcome and to happily pay taxes amid flourishing nationalism and hostility -- including towards minorities already present in the country. 


More changes to drive pension savings back to state system

PARLIAMENT'S Social Committee has a proposed a last minute amendment to a pension reform bill that is designed to further penalise low income savers who opt to divert part of their savings from the state system into…

Politics & society

Trade in anabolic steroids thrives in Slovakia

THE DESIRE to become big and handsome leads many athletes to use steroids, according to professional fitness trainers. Mild legislation allows the sale of them to adult persons therefore the Slovak steroid market…

Politics & society

The most important legislative changes

Changes to tax law, collective bargaining, Arbitration Act, Act on Bonds, Whistleblowing Act, Public Procurement Act, or temporary employment

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Politics & society

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Future of Bratislava Castle excavations still unclear

SOME 12 hours of discussion on March 17 failed to resolve the future of excavation and construction plans around Bratislava Castle.

Alojz Hlina

Opposition KDH and MP Hlina discuss election alliance

THE OPPOSITION Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) and Alojz Hlina’s party Citizens are holding talks on cooperation that would last for nine months and end three months before the general election set for March…

Researchers from Comenius University can predict breast cancer

A GROUP of researchers from the Comenius University (UK) can, with high probability, predict which forms of breast cancer or its grades of aggressiveness can occur.


Ukraine | European Union

Slovakia to open talks with Sweden on Gripen jet fighters

IN ITS effort to boost defence capabilities, Slovakia is set to begin official talks on the rental of Gripen jet fighters from Sweden, with the Slovak government assigning the task to Defence Minister Martin Glváč…

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russia's Lavrov to talk Ukraine with Kiska

SLOVAK President Andrej Kiska is set to meet Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov when the latter visits Slovakia on April 4.

Picture from last year's GLOBSEC conference.

GLOBSEC will focus on Ukraine and Islamic State

THE SITUATION in Ukraine, the West’s reaction to Russia, the threat represented by the Islamic State and the possibility of terrorist attacks in Europe will be the main topics of the 10th annual security conference…


Automotive | Highways | Energy | Airlines

Slovakia still tops in per capita car production

SLOVAKIA remains to be the world leader in car production per capita and planned investments and the launch of new models mean it is likely to keep this position. Moreover, another carmaker, Britain’s Jaguar Land…

Váhostav has enjoyed many state orders.

Opposition files criminal complaint against Váhostav

OPPOSITION MPs Igor Matovič (Ordinary People and Independent Personalities-OĽaNO), Daniel Lipšic (independent, non-parliamentary NOVA) and Ľubomír Galko (Freedom and Solidarity-SaS) have filed a criminal complaint…

The new law should reduce the number of illegal dumps in Slovakia.

New law changes waste management rules

AFTER 13 years Slovakia has a new waste law, which aims to boost the separation and recycling of waste as well as reduction of illegal waste dumps.

Culture & lifestyle

Countrywide events | History talks | Cooking with ambassadors

Slovakia well positioned to see solar eclipse

PEOPLE who wish to see a partial solar eclipse on March 20 can use services of amateur astronomers or museums. It will last two hours and 20 minutes while two thirds of sun will be covered during the culmination of…

Marcus Miller

Countrywide events

Tips for cultural, sport and social events between March 27 and April 3

Daniel Čapkovič (Mercutio), Ján Ďurčo (Grégorio), Terézia Kružliaková (Stéphano) - L-R, in Romeo and Juliet in SND

Romeo and Juliet staged in SND

WILLIAM Shakespeare is an unfailing inspiration for many artists, including opera composers. His Romeo and Juliet was the basis for several, including one by Frenchmen Charles Gounod. The Slovak National Theatre…

Kosovo celebrated the seventh anniversary of its independence in mid February.

Recognise reality, and Kosovo

WAR and a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing leads to a major refugee crisis.

Mikuláš Černák

Will Černák state the truth?

WHAT Mikuláš Černák has experienced is not a change of heart so much as a change of mind.

Ondrej Dostál

Star EU stinks, but not to police

Striking success of company linked to Czech lobbyist in winning EU tenders goes unexplained after charges dismissed.

Slovak downhill skier Žampa may represent Russia

SUCCESSFUL Slovak downhill skier Adam Žampa, a winner of several medals who also placed fifth and sixth at the Sochi Olympics, will probably compete for Russia. 

Slovakia set for EURO 2016 qualifier

The Slovak national football team will face Luxemburg in a EURO 2016 qualification match at 20:45 on March 27.

Klaudia Medlová

Slovak snowboarder first female to complete 900 double rodeo jump

SLOVAK snowboarder Klaudia Medlová completed a backside double rodeo 900 mute, the first female ever told so, SITA newswire reported March 23.