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Copy editor vacancy Announcement

The Slovak Spectator, Slovakia’ premier English-language newspaper, is seeking a native English speaker to work in its busy central Bratislava newsroom.


Storms hit Bratislava Region

Feature Photo Wednesday storms in the Bratislava Region caused flooding of several family houses, cellars, and roads as well as downed some trees and light poles. Recently storms have caused several local floods across Slovakia leaving damage in the Vrátna valley or land slides near Veľký Krtíš. 31 Jul 2014 More Feature Photos
Slovakia to feel Russia sanctions Defence most vulnerable, biggest bite comes if penalties prove long term SLOVAKIA might feel the impact of sanctions against Russia if they last long, analysts agree and the country’s defence capabilities might suffer most. 31 Jul 2014 More from Politics & Society
Amanda Rivkin
Behind the Iron Curtain Discover Košice Region with Košice Region Travel Guide . A few days before Christmas people are queuing up in front of a grocery store for mandarins. Those who came early enough or know the seller might get the best pieces. Such queuing for food is one of those snapshots of communist regime Slovaks born before the 1980s remember. 30 Jul 2014 More from Regional News
Police search Slovenské Elektrárne SLOVAKIA’S largest electricity company, Slovenské Elektrárne, had some uninvited guests on July 23 when the Slovak police came to the company’s headquarters as well as other facilities seeking documents pertaining to the privatisation of the company back in 2006. Amid continued talk of a sell off by its Italian majority owner Enel the timing of the raid is powering a wave of questions and speculation. 24 Jul 2014 More from Business
Procházka confirms recording HALF A million euros. That is the amount Radoslav Procházka quoted when asked by Igor Matovič about the costs of his presidential campaign, on a recording that has been anonymously published on the internet. Officially, Procházka’s campaign costs are half that sum, and the emerging leader of the centre-right denies that it could be otherwise. 28 Jul 2014 More from Politics & Society
The Great War through the eyes of Slovaks IN THE summer of 1914, when Austria-Hungary responded to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by sending troops into a conflict that would escalate into the first-ever global war, today’s Slovakia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At the end of the war four years later, Slovaks joined their Czech neighbours to form the Czechoslovak Republic, one of the new states that emerged on the ruins of the Habsburg Monarchy. 28 Jul 2014 More from Politics & Society
Storm, mudslides wreak havoc in Terchová HEAVY storms on the evening of July 21 caused flooding which destroyed dozens of cars and the road leading from Terchová village to the Vrátna Dolina, a valley in the Malá Fatra mountains. The nearby city of Žilina had problems with torrential rain, reporting flooded cellars, roads and pavement. 28 Jul 2014 More from Opinion
Jana Liptáková
Diplomat: Pragmatism steers UK opinion on EU “WE believe in sticking to rules and we are also quite passionate in our defence of our sovereignty,” says Gill Fraser, Chargé d’Affaires of the British Embassy in Bratislava, when explaining some of the roots of EU-scepticism in the United Kingdom. Fraser, who came to Slovakia after serving in Tripoli, also adds that there is something about the British psyche that makes the country “pragmatic about what are the benefits that the EU brings to our citizens”. 28 Jul 2014 More from Foreigners in Slovakia
Keeping it in the kitchen EDITORIAL THOSE who thought Radoslav Procházka, the right-leaning political star with an inflated ego and lofty ambitions, would bring a new, distinctive political culture to Slovakia, were wrong. His brief performance as caretaker of the non-parliamentary party Sieť suggests that he too believes that whatever is cooking with financing political campaigns is best kept locked away in the kitchen. Voters don’t need to know how the sausage is made so long as they like the taste, the thinking goes.If there were ever a requirement for somebody espousing a new way of doing politics it would be to change this practice. The tradition of an open and transparent political sponsorship is almost non-existent and in Slovakia, the quagmire of campaign finance has dragged down even politicians who actually make contributions to the country’s progress through reforms. But they are always remembered for failing to keep the books of their parties clean and transparent. 28 Jul 2014 More from Opinion
MH-17 Slovak Word of the Week THE TRAGEDY of flight MH-17 stirred several reactions in Slovakia. There was compassion. Among some, there was some disappointment with a government reluctant to take a firm stand, and willing to still consider Russian companies as suitable investors in such fields as energy. There was a bit of a surprise at the number of people ready to listen to and spread the arguments of Kremlin propaganda (although a recent poll showing that over 80 percent of Slovaks feel Ukrainians should decide about their own future without Russian meddling is somewhat comforting). 24 Jul 2014 More from Opinion
Courtesy of NotreDamedu Paris
UPDATED: Countrywide Events Music, Theater, Exhibition... Western SLOVAKIA 28 Jul 2014 More from Culture & Society
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Quote of the Week
“I have been waiting for seven weeks, naively [thinking] … that he would come and say: ‘Yes people, I was fooling you. I am sorry; try to forgive me’.” OĽaNO head Igor Matovič responding to Sieť leader Radoslav Procházka’s claims that the recording on which the two discuss the latter’s presidential campaign funding was heavily edited.