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Kiska addressed UN

Feature Photo President Andrej Kiska spoke at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly in the US on September 23. 25 Sep 2014 More Feature Photos
Demand for payment, audit pressure SE THE STATE has intensified pressure on the country’s largest power producer, Slovenské Elektrárne (SE), in which it holds a minority share, and whose majority stake is for sale. Officials are asking for an additional payment of €200 million from SE’s majority owner, the Italian energy group Enel, to close a still disputed privatisation deal, and have sent the Supreme Audit Office (NKÚ) to SE to check the management and accounting to find out why the completion of the second two units of the nuclear power station in Mochovce has seen delays and cost overruns. 29 Sep 2014 More from Business
Penta mulls Petit Press purchase FINANCIERS from the Penta investment group have apparently decided to go into the media business, and the Petit Press publishing house is reportedly their next potential catch. This has provoked concerns within the publishing house, but also among transparency watchdogs. 25 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
Right-leaning parties continue to struggle SLOVAKIA’S right wing parties continue to grapple with internal problems, weakening their ability to challenge the ruling Smer as well as confusing many of their own voters. Still, most of their supporters remain unlikely to shift loyalties to Prime Minister Robert Fico and Smer, experts say. 26 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
Kiska marks 100 days as president PLAYING judiciary musical chairs and giving Slovakia a more welcoming face for the country’s transatlantic partners is what has kept the country’s fourth, and still quite new, President Andrej Kiska busy during his initial days in office.` 29 Sep 2014 More from Politics & Society
More than money EDITORIAL SHOPPING for media outlets is the latest trend among local billionaires and business moguls, spurring fear among journalists who thought they chose their profession and employer based on the relative independence they were offered in their work. 29 Sep 2014 More from Opinion
100 Slovak Word of the Week ANDREJ Kiska’s spokesman Peter Petrus gave his boss a nice gift to celebrate his first 100 days as head of state – he quit. And there are rumours that other shifts in the president’s inner circle are occurring. But save for these small personal turbulences, Kiska has had a good start, especially in the key areas. 25 Sep 2014 More from Opinion
Jana Liptáková
Norwegian solidarity INGA Magistad, the Norwegian Ambassador to Slovakia, offers a long list of projects that have come to fruition thanks to the EEA/Norway Grants, including that of a community centre in Moldava nad Bodvou run by a local Roma woman who tutors children from the Roma settlement, as well as reconstructed cultural heritage monuments, a swimming pool for the disabled and shelters for abused women. Her homeland has so far allocated more than €150 million to support projects for social and economic development. 29 Sep 2014 More from Foreigners in Slovakia
Countrywide Events Music, Theatre, Exhibition... Western SLOVAKIA 29 Sep 2014 More from Culture & Society
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Quote of the Week
“I have never experienced something like this.” Ondrej Matej, a candidate for the SDKÚ chairman post, after finding all the locks had been changed at the party’s headquarters, where he wanted to hold a press conference.