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SNP was a significant moment in history

The story of US-Slovak military cooperation began with the Slovak National Uprising.

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War, heroism and history (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide)Plus

By rising up against the Nazi-allied Bratislava government and joining the fight against Nazi Germany the rebels earned Slovaks a place among the ranks of the victors in 1945.

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Blog: Walking across Slovakia: Day 6

No tents, no sleeping rough, two teenagers and two adults, 900km, 4 rucksacks and some maps, a lot of maps: this is going to be fun.

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Deep insights into the pastPlus

Banská Štiavnica was one of the richest towns of the Kingdom of Hungary thanks to its mines.

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People in Egypt might like Slovak short stories

A participant of the summer Slovak language school talks about his interest in Slovak literature, in the country itself, and the challenges of translating.

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Silence and darkness? Some are ready to pay for it

The darkness is a scary, mysterious, calming place. It attracts people so much that some go there for a holiday.


Korbeľka tunnel is the best highway variant for man as well as nature

The study evaluated proposed variants for the D1 stretch Turany-Hubová.


Coalition now a club of three

The break-up of Sieť brings redistribution of power in state posts.

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Hedviga Malinová-Žáková

Malinová case, ten years on

Slovak judiciary has still reached no conclusion in the case of the alleged 2006 assault on a Hungarian student whom the then interior minister called a "pathological liar".

People are most satisfied with Kiska

Prime minister’s performance is evaluated the worst.

Opposition struggles to deliver its magazine

SaS and OĽaNO-NOVA printed two million copies of magazine about Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák.

Protests against Interior Minister Kaliňák.

General Aviation Terminal

Bratislava airport has new VIP terminal Photo

General Aviation Terminal is a result of refurbishment of unused terminal.

63 pupils trained in Kia Motors Slovakia

More than 600 pupils have already undergone training in Kia since the 2007-2008 school year.

Slovakia is home to three major carmakers.

Construction of Jaguar plant may begin

It is expected the building permit will become valid in the end of summer.

The site near Nitra where the new strategic park will stand.

Blog: Slniečkars from all Slovakia, unite!

“How do you translate slniečkar in English?” I ask my Slovak colleague. “Ha! I don’t know what it exactly means in Slovak either.”

Everybody’s problem

While Slovak politics do not match this larger model exactly, the current apolitical government certainly does and the recent collapse of Sieť is playing into the trend, while fuelling anger at politics generally.

Blog: Can small Slovak NGOs help solving global challenges?

A small gesture in the beginning can have a huge impact in the end, especially when workshops and educative tools are used on a weekly basis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (l) and Slovak PM Robert Fico (r)

Fico to dine with Putin

The two statesmen will discuss the Nord Stream project.

UK envoy: Business ties to remain post-Brexit

British ambassador to Slovakia talks about Brexit, Slovakia’s presidency over EU Council and his love for football.

British Ambassador Andrew Garth

Fico: Nord Stream would harm Slovakia

The prime minister meets with several top European leaders in two days.

PM Robert Fico

Slovakia has the 5th most beautiful stamp in the world.

The 5th most beautiful stamp comes from Slovakia Photo

Work created by Alfons Mucha succeeded in a prestigious international stamp competition.

Young Slovaks awarded

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme is realised by more than 1.3 million young people aged 14-24 in 140 countries across the world.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

Koreans focus more on country

The Korean way of life differs from the Slovak one, but they also have some things in common.


Matej Tóth

Slovakia wins its first athletic Olympic medal Photo

Race walker Matej Tóth won gold in Rio.

Kozák introduced players for match against England

Slovak football players will play their first world cup qualification match on September 4.

Ján Kozák

Slovak representation satisfied with the Olympics

Slovakia wins four medals, placing 37th overall.