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The construction works at Krásna Hôrka

Feature Photo Workers placed red fire-retardant on the roof of some areas of the Krásna Hôrka Castle, which was damaged by fire in March 2012. The whole roof should be finished by the end of the year. To read more about the fire, please see: Krásna Hôrka Castle destroyed in fire (video included) 27 Jan 2015 More Feature Photos
More changes for second pillar IN RESPONSE to the small payments going to the first pensioners-to-be from the second, private, pension pillar, Prime Minister Robert Fico says he will look for ways to allow those savers to move their money back into the state pension programme. 26 Jan 2015 More from Business
Turnout key to referendum result EVEN amid heated discussion about the content of a February 7 referendum targeting the constitutional definition of family, experts say the biggest test for supporters of the Alliance for Family (AZR) ballot initiative is whether turnout surpasses the required 50-percent quorum of eligible voters. 26 Jan 2015 More from Politics & Society
Land Rovers top army wish list AFTER series of controversial purchases for the army, the Defence Ministry is now seeking dozens of all-terrain Land Rover vehicles, the Defence Ministry confirmed on January 16. 26 Jan 2015 More from Politics & Society
Diplomats are awaiting referendum result THE REFERENDUM that seeks to constitutionally define the concept of family is dividing Slovak society. Members of the foreign diplomatic community, who traditionally speak with distinct voice when it comes to protection of minority rights, closely follow the campaign as well as the public discourse preceding the February 7 vote. 23 Jan 2015 More from Opinion
Tesco gets record fine Food inspectors target Partizánske branch for repeated violations SLOVAK food inspectors have imposed a record €1 million fine on Tesco, for repeated violations in the sale of food in its Partizánske hypermarket location, but the retailer vows to challenge the fine in court. 22 Jan 2015 More from Business
Mandatory vaccination is constitutional Spectator College A glossary of words as well as an exercise related to this article are also published online. 26 Jan 2015 More from Spectator College
Courtesy of M. Šálek
Countrywide Events Western SLOVAKIA 26 Jan 2015 More from Culture & Society
Lemontree to satiate the senses Advertorial If words were to be found which would perfectly describe the essence of Thai cuisine, they would include varied and healthy, and yet you do not have to travel far to enjoy exotic and healthy food. Authentic Thai meals are made in the Bratislava restaurant Lemontree which also offers something more. 23 Jan 2015 More from Tourism
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“If we looked at it only from the point of view of money, we could cancel elections, choose a hereditary ruler who would decide on everything, and save.” Constitutional lawyer Marián Giba comments on the claim that some
referendums are a waste of money.