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Spectacular Slovakia Announcement

The first comprehensive, modern guide to Slovakia in English presents the country not just through its architecture and nature, but also through people and stories. A handy, pocket-sized format contains all the information necessary to discover Slovakia.
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Christmas markets in Bratislava underway

Feature Photo Christmas markets in Slovakia’s capital began on November 21 with illuminating the lights on a more than 13-metre-high Christmas tree on Hviezdoslavovo Square. There are 13 stalls offering food and drinks, including mulled wine, Christmas punch and mead, with about 30 stalls selling Christmas presents and souvenirs. Part of the market is also an alley of crafts with traditional handmade products. Visitors broke a record as well, when together, they lit 2,222 sparklers. The markets will last until December 23. 24 Nov 2014 More Feature Photos
Independents surge, Smer gains on opposition FEEDING on voters’ frustration with traditional parties, independent candidates led the way in municipal races on November 15, taking some 38 percent of the mayoral seats across the country. Bratislava went to an independent candidate, Ivo Nesrovnal, who in a closely watched race defeated the incumbent Smer-backed independent Milan Ftáčnik, and Milan Kňažko, who also ran as an independent backed by a number of opposition parties. 20 Nov 2014 More from Politics & Society
Smer strongman Paška steps down ONE of the ruling Smer party’s key strongmen, Pavol Paška, resigned as speaker of parliament the same night as municipal elections, overshadowing reports on outcomes of mayoral races across Slovakia. Paška’s departure came on the heels of two rallies fuelled by anger at a widely criticised tender for an overpriced computer tomography (CT) device set for purchase by a financially ailing hospital. 24 Nov 2014 More from Politics & Society
Free trains bring queues at stations TRAINS were fuller and stations busier on November 17. It was, of course, the end of the holiday weekend; but it also saw the launch of free train travel for students and pensioners. 24 Nov 2014 More from Business
White Crows awarded ZUZANA Pechočiaková, a doctor of the Faculty Hospital in Nitra who pointed out an altered medical record; fired inspector Ľubica Lapinová who revealed shady public tenders; and Oleg Pastier, a key figure in the civil samizdat movement during the communist regime, received the White Crow Award on November 17. 24 Nov 2014 More from Politics & Society
Tending to the garden Editorial PAVOL Paška’s position for some time seemed almost unshakeable in the ruling Smer party. Thus the recent resignation of Smer’s strongman from the post of speaker of parliament opens up questions about what is changing in Robert Fico’s political garden, which this year has seen the uprooting of three cabinet ministers. 24 Nov 2014 More from Opinion
Food producers worry about sanctions’ effect The loss of the Russian market pushes producers to target EU countries WHILE customers are enjoying low food prices and retail chains say Russian sanctions targeting EU produce are having little effect on their businesses, producers claim a glut of goods on the market are harming their bottom line. 24 Nov 2014 More from Other
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Countrywide Events Western SLOVAKIA 24 Nov 2014 More from Culture & Society
PNO SK s.r.o. – global expertise & a local approach ADVERTORIAL As a new European Union programme period 2014-2020 has already begun, it is the right time to finalise development strategies for companies for the coming period and see where growth plans match funding schemes. The same applies for the public and non-profit sectors, too. The funding system in Slovakia promises positive changes in simplifying the process for beneficiaries. The key to success is to have clear plans, clear information and act fast. 24 Nov 2014 More from Business
Transfer Pricing: A Developing Area in Slovak Tax Law Legal View Transfer pricing can be identified as an area of tax law that continues to attract the attention of both tax authorities and businesses worldwide. The growing importance of transfer pricing can be observed in the Slovak Republic as well, as it has become one of the dominant tax issues addressed during tax audits. Failure to comply with the arm’s length principle may result in additional tax assessment by the Tax Authority and a penalty may be imposed if taxpayers fail to submit transfer pricing documentation. Recently, transfer pricing has been addressed from different perspectives by the legislator and the Tax Authority. Most significantly, we would like to stress a recent legislative proposal to broaden the personal scope of transfer pricing legislation, new rules on transfer pricing documentation and new guidance regarding advance pricing arrangements. 24 Nov 2014 More from Business
GREEN IS GOOD Legal view Over the last several years, the EU and its Member States have pursued efforts to achieve efficient use of natural resources - especially non-renewable energy sources. Their goal is to protect the environment and better regulate investment and buildings’ operational costs. According to EU statistics from the past few years, the construction and building management sectors account for a significant percentage of total energy consumption. It should therefore come as no surprise that one of the EU’s primary goals is to improve energy efficiency in these sectors. 24 Nov 2014 More from Business
Noerr excelled at the Juve Awards Advertorial Noerr excelled at the Juve Awards in Frankfurt am Main in Germany on 23 October 2014, winning the awards as “Law firm of the Year” and “Law firm of the Year for M&A”. 24 Nov 2014 More from Business
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“We are probably the only city in Europe that is building a bridge and does not yet know how it will look.” Bratislava Mayor-elect Ivo Nesrovnal’s comments on the reconstruction of the Old Bridge.