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Cemetery tourism in BratislavaPlus

Historical cemeteries in Bratislava are worth visiting during the whole year as they now serve also as parks.


E-shops and e-shopping specialists proliferate

Firms not only outsource the design and creation of their e-shops


More Slovak music on the airwaves

Private broadcasters look to keep listeners amid state mandate to play more domestic made songs.

Culture & lifestyle

Foreigners: Events in Bratislava

Tips for performances, exhibitions and other events in the capital between May 6 and 15, including trade show, concert, party, classical, folk and live music, a run for mothers, bird watching, May-Day Festival,…


Pirates of the Caribbean

Tom Nicholson reports from the Bahamas


Slovakia opposes newest EC’s migration proposal

Coalition parties Smer, Slovak National party (SNS) and Most-Híd disagree with European Commission’s proposal aimed at mandatory compensation payments for countries refusing to accommodate migrants.

Culture & lifestyle

Cvernovka ateliers look for new spacePhoto

The creative hub held its last open house on May 1, with the site slated for redevelopment.


Night Wolves are in BratislavaPhoto

Several dozen members of the Russian motorcycle Club Night Wolves laid wreaths at the Slavín memorial in Bratislava to commemorate Soviet soldiers who died in World War II.

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Forex rates

(1 EUR is equal to)
USD 1.1439
GBP 0.78860
CZK 27.028
CAD 1.4665
NOK 9.2985
AUD 1.5266
HUF 312.84
PLN 4.4234

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Slovakia will change aircraft for €50 million

The Interior Ministry will soon replace three governmental special planes.

Slovak students developed software for finding shameful comments

Students of the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies (FIIT) Of the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava HAVE developed software for finding shameful and inappropriate comments.

TECH INNO DAY was exhibition of innovative technologies at the FIIT STU.

Poll: Most people trust president

Most people in Slovakia trust their President Andrej Kiska.

President Andrej Kiska

Amazon Slovakia to hire new staff for its virtual contact centre

The Virtual Contact Centre will enable employees to work from home.

Pellegrini: No negotiations about selling USSK

In case of the sale of USSK, Slovakia might be interested in a share.

Bratislava bypass can be co-financed from EU funds

The D4 highway-R7 dual carriageway, part of which will be formed by the projected Bratislava ring-road, could be co-financed from European Funds via Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (OPII).

Transport Minister Roman Brecely

Blog: What's in a title?

Slovaks love titles, plenty of them, both in front and after their names, which creates comical situations, especially for foreigners who are not used to them.

Media freedom is a fragile thing

A society without journalists will more easily follow the calling of autocrats, liars, charlatans, and dictators.

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day.

Counting calories

Voters are not likely to make a big deal about budget deficits themselves, but the resulting credibility gap does diminish what is already low confidence in the governing class.

Peter Kažimír

The new logo of Slovakia

Slovakia has a new slogan and logo as part of its “brand” Photo

Good idea, Slovakia! is the slogan to present the country abroad.

Last year, 880 foreigners learned Slovak

In total 880 foreigners learned Slovak as a foreign language directly in-country.

Moyzes Hall of the Philosophical Faculty

Slovakia will return 32 refugees to Hungary

Slovak police have detained 29 Afghans and three Pakistani citizens in Bratislava who were heading on the highway to Austria.

Detention camp Medveďov

Slovak archaeologists in Kuwait

Slovaks discover ancient air conditioning in Kuwait Photo

SLOVAK archaeologists discovered a system of 7th-9th century interior cooling in Kuwait during excavation works at the al-Kusur settlement on the Failaka Island in the Persian Gulf.

Maypole surprise for fiancé Photo

Originally, single men put up maypoles in front of their loved ones’ houses; this sign of flirtation evolved into a communal tradition when the municipal administration, or the elders, make one central maypole for…

Putting up the maypole in Trenčianska Teplá

A piece of Bratislava in Florence

Historical veduta of Bratislava underwent restoration on its 450th anniversary.

The veduta of Bratislava in Florence after restoration.

Peter Sagan

Cycling star Sagan tried mountain bike race but fell Video

World cycling champion, Slovak Peter Sagan, tried a mountain bike race in Austrian Graz but fell.

Slovakia goes to Moscow with young team

The first team Slovakia will face is Hungary.

Cibulková beats world’s no. 2 Video

Slovak tennis player recorded her first important victory after surgery last year.

Dominika Cibulková