Modern HR solutions and a healthy labour market

Prior to making a key decision in life, like choosing a university or taking a job certainly is, Miroslav Garaj, Country Manager of Grafton Recruitment Slovakia recommends sitting down, taking a sheet of paper, pen…


Refugee fled from Africa by orchestrating fight with famous Slovak boxer

HAMZA Wandera professionally fought for Uganda's national boxing team until government officials found out that he has been violating the law for a long time – he is gay. 


Blog: Six reasons Sagan is a champion

I tend to be rather skeptical of professional athletes, considering them overpaid and over valued. But here are some reasons that Sagan seems like a genuinely good guy.


NATO liaison team will be created in Slovakia

NATO Force Integration Units will be created in Slovakia next year and housed in barracks in the Bratislava borough of Vajnory.


Theatre Festival Connects V4 Countries through English

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. All the four Visegrad countries will get together on the 15th and 16th of October, 2015, on the stage of the Culture House in Pezinok, which will host the 1st year…

Politics & society

One man dies in hotel fire

A 64 YEAR old man died in a hotel fire in Demänovská Dolina (Žilina Region) in the early hours of October 6.


RegioJet to connect Zvolen with Prague

PRIVATE carrier RegioJet is to commence a direct rail service from Zvolen (Banská Bystrica Region) to Prague.


New engines for the economy

The economy of the future will partly come from smart nerds in messy garages, coming up with bright ideas.


Žilina is the most indebted city in Slovakia

THOUGH the government remitted part of its debt, Žilina is still the most indebted city in Slovakia. Its debt amounts to 59.66 percent of its ordinary incomes.


Workout – back to the Street

MANY bodyweight exercises originated in ancient civilisations where they were used for Army training; street workout aims for something similar.


UNYP Graduate ‘Takes the Next Step’ – Launches Designeros

Nela Sotonová is an accomplished young woman with more than a handful of experiences.  At just 28, she speaks seven languages, has won investor funding for her start-up, Designeros, in Silicon Valley, lived in…

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Forex rates

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Scaffolding collapses on Bratislava trolleybus

SCAFFOLDING collapsed onto a trolleybus on August 29 Street in Bratislava on the afternoon of September 29. There were no reports of any injuries

Illustrative stock photo

Violence against children website launched

THE LABOUR Ministry has launched a new website relating to violence perpetrated on children, which should directly facilitate communication between the public and institutions dealing with such cases.

Vladimír Suchodolinský

A man who revealed military intelligence embezzlement dies

VLADIMÍR Suchodolinský, former Military Intelligence Service (VSS) agent and the author of the report concerning the alleged embezzlement, died on October 6.

Firms leave Apollo business centre because of building’s stability

THE OWNER of the Apollo Business Center 1 (BBC1) building in Bratislava started reconstruction works to eliminate problems with the building’s stability. Those works resulted in some firms leaving the place, the…

Váhostav-SK is heavily involved in highway construction in Slovakia.

Additional social package measure helps construction suppliers

PRIME Minister Robert Fico has unveiled another measure from the government’s second package of social measures.

Illustrative stock photo

Tesco stays in Slovakia, for now

BRITISH retailer Tesco will not sell its premises in central Europe.

Syrian asylum seekers from Austria in Gabčíkovo

More than words

IF THERE were ever a political issue where word choice mattered, it is the current European migration crisis. The ways in which terms like refugee, migrant, asylum-seeker, camps, temporary and many others are…

PM Robert Fico

Blog: What a difference a month makes...

As autumn draws on, fear stalks the land. 

We have to help on both sides

There are no easy answers to the migration crisis. Migrants need help, but simultaneously it is necessary to deter people from attempting the perilous journeys to Europe.

Defence Minister Martin Glváč

Slovakia and Poland to establish centre for counter-intelligence

SLOVAKIA and Poland will establish the centre for counter-intelligence abilities of NATO countries which should focus on education and training in counter-intelligence activities.

President Andrej Kiska

Kiska stresses need to help those misery-stricken

SLOVAK President Andrej Kiska, has called for solidarity and help for those stricken by misery and bad twists of life, especially now, in light of the current migration crisis.

PM Robert Fico

Lawsuit: Struggle for EU’s heart or campaign issue?

THE PLEDGE by Prime Minister Robert Fico to sue the EU over refugee quotas has materialised into a plan after the cabinet assigned specific people to design the lawsuit.

Polyglot Vladimír Škultéty

How a youth from Košice has learned 19 languages

ONE very popular viral video on the Internet was seen by 400,000 people in three months. It does not show a typical “viral” scene, like, for example, Donald Trump running around naked. Rather, in it a young man from…

Tibor Bartfay

Renowned sculptor Bartfay died

RENOWNED Slovak sculptor, artist Tibor Bartfay, bearing the title National Artist, died on October 3, aged 93.

Filming, taking pictures, reviving life stories - all that in Apocalypse, the opening piece

Divadelná Nitra opens up new forms

THE WEATHER during the last weekend in September was hardly ideal, but all the better to head indoors for the Divadelná Nitra theatre festival with its theme Empathy: Sharing and Giving.

Winner Kosgei finished his Košice marathone.

Košice marathon saw record participation, Kenyans dominated

THE OLDEST marathon in Europe, International Peace Marathon (Medzinárodný marathon mieru, MMM) took place for the 92nd time on October 4. A record 1,735 runners competed, with the total number of all runners in all…

Dog protection training, illustrative stock photo.

Slovak cynologists won the world championship in working dog training

THE WORLD Championship in working dog training took place in the Swiss town of Delemond in 2015, with 134 dog handlers from 42 countries participating, with dozens of various breeds. Three Slovak handlers, Jozef…

Peter Sagan

Sagan wins the road world championships

AFTER years among the world's elite, Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan won his first medal at the UCI men’s world championship road race in Richmond, Virginia.