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Preisdency starts (in pictures)Photo

Slovakia officially started its presidency on July 1. The European Commission and the Slovak cabinet met for a joint session in Bratislava to mark the occasion.


Vote on Kaliňák postponed

Minister Kaliňák did not face the second no-confidence vote in the parliament on June 30 after the session was suspended indefinitely. The parliament speaker wants to deal with parliamentary rules first.


Slovakia starts its presidency July 1

Slovak ministers have approved the country’s priorities of the presidency of the Council of European Union on June 30; while the presidency itself starts a day later.


Javorčík: We’ll be more than a crisis manager

When Slovakia takes over the EU Council presidency for the first time in its history, it hopes to be part of building long-term solutions that work on the ground and withstand the test of time.

Culture & lifestyle

Brussels to get a taste of Slovak culture

Several events planned to introduce the country to the EU from various angles.

Culture & lifestyle

Gothic treasures all across Slovakia (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide)Photo

While the architectural diversity of Slovakia is most visible through its castles, fewer tourists take note of Gothic art in the form of altars and table paintings that are among the richest in Europe.


We can fear the break-up of EU

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU will impact also Slovakia, former finance minister Ivan Mikloš says in an interview for the Sme daily.


Come to Olympic Games

The circulation of the Zika virus, spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, will not hinder us from having a safe and unforgettable event for athletes, participants and spectators, writes Brazilian health minister.

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The march aaginst Fascism was more numerous in attendance.

Two antagonistic marches swept over Bratislava Photo

Bratislava saw two staged trials; the ripping of the flag of the European Union and Slovak fascist symbols at one square and rainbow colours, calls for solidarity and a beach atmosphere at another.

Anton Šafárik to become new head of SIS

The new head of the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) shall be Anton Šafárik, the government decided on June 30.

Outgoing head of the SIS, Jan Valko

Minister Kaliňák faces another no-confidence motion

Opposition MPs are seeking to recall Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák for a second time. The proposal was filed on June 24 and the vote takes place on June 30, beginning at 13:00.

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Brexit may hurt Slovakia's economy

It is the uncertainty that poses the biggest risk for Slovakia.

Apollo Business Centre to be demolished

The doomed Apollo Business Centre I in downtown Bratislava will be replaced by a new building, to be constructed by the HB Reavis Group developer.

Evacuating the Apollo Business Cenre I

Slovak plane made in Prešov receives EASA certificate

The Viper SD4, the first plane designed and made in Slovakia received a certificate for type from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Viper SD4 RTC became the first EASA certified Slovak plane.

How challenging can kissing with Slovaks be? Video

A video interview with foreigners living in Slovakia.

On finding solutions & brokering coalitions

Those that criticise should understand that a compromise within a coalition will always be prone to comment from those that do not bear the responsibility.

Running to make Slovakia a better place

Small town races bring out the dedicated amateur as well the the weekend jogger and when they put their love of running to good, everybody benefits.

Beneficiaries of the Le Slavia race take part in the run.

British PM David Cameron (l) and Slovak PM Robert Fico in June 2015

Slovakia on Brexit: Challenge for presidency

European people refuse migration and economic policy of the EU, fundamental change needed, says Fico.

Deal with the Netherlands signed

Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák and his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders signed a bilateral agreement on cooperation in various fields during Slovakia’s six-month presidency over the EU Council.

Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders (l) and his Slovak counterpart Miroslav Lajčák (r)

Drunk bus driver gets 45 days of jail in Croatia

Slovak tourist bus driver with as much as 2.39 pro mille blood alcohol halted by Croatian police on June 28.

Site of the crash of Slovak bus on June 22, 2016 in Niš, Serbia - illustrative stock photo.

Romantic Bojnice Castle is one of Slovakia’s favourite tourist destinations.

The rise and fall of Slovak castles (Spectacular Slovakia - travel guide) Plus

NOWADAYS Slovakia is recognised as the world leader in car production per capita. What is less well known is that this country also has the highest number of castles per person.

Bratislava residents enjoyed the unique water canvas Photo

Festival Slnovrat na Dunaji (The Solstice on the Danube) culminated in a spectacular multimedia water show on the evening of June 30.

Bratislava offered a number of luminous events during the night before the beginning of the presidency.

Artists banished from exhibition

Slovak painters Marek Ormandík and Erik Binder were not allowed to exhibit their works at the headquarters of the European Commission, as they were perceived too negatively.

Painter Marek Ormandík

Slovakia ends its performance at EURO 2016 Video

Slovakia is leaving the competition at the EURO 2016 championship in France after losing to the world champions, Germany. The match ended 0:3.

Sprint canoeists won gold, bronze at Europe Championship

Slovak contestants in the canoe sprint managed a special feat on June 26: they won in the K4 at 1,000 metres and in the K2 at 500 metres, all within less than an hour.

Slovak football players advance to round of 16

The national team will play against Germany or Spain.