The Pravda daily on February 28 reported that one of murderers of student Daniel Tupý may have been a member of the Bratislava mafia. The police confirmed on February 27 that they had charged one person with murder and three people with causing serious bodily harm. One of the charged, who allegedly participated in the murder of the student, was a man with the nickname Grco [roughly translated, ‘Puker’], who was a member of the mafia in the Bratislava district of Lamač. He committed suicide several months after the murder of Daniel Tupý [but was, nonetheless, formally charged].

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák did not want to provide further information about the other perpetrators. He would only say that all those whom the police charged appeared to be members of extremist movements, but that the police will examine whether they really belonged to such groups and what kind of motive they had. Kaliňák thus indirectly indicated that there were some basic questions about the murder remain to be answered. According to one version of events, it has not been ruled out that the murder may have been an initiation for new members joining a neo-Nazi group or Mafia group. SITA

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports

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