Alena Dušatková, Pavol Pavlík and Peter Vačok will lead 99% – Civic Voice, a new party on the Slovak political scene, into the general election on March 10. Dušatková is a manager while Pavlík is former reporter who has worked for public broadcaster Slovak Radio, private radio station Twist and TV Markíza. Vačok led the investigation into the kidnapping of Michal Kováč Jr, the son of the then-president, back in the 1990s. He later quit the police and is now a lawyer, the SITA newswire wrote on December 12.

The fourth position on the new party’s slate belongs to businessman Ivan Weiss and choreographer Mário Radačovský is in the 5th spot. Civic activists Eduard Chmelár and Juraj Mesík, who originally accepted posts on the party's slate, withdrew at the end of last week. "The reason is significantly differing opinions on basic agenda issues and people on the slate. We wish 99% good luck in March elections," Chmelár noted. Originally a civic initiative, 99% was registered as a political party at the Interior Ministry on Tuesday, December 6. Businessman Ivan Weiss, who stood behind the Party of the Democratic Left (SDĽ) at the last parliamentary elections, in 2010, said that he is financing the new party, large advertising billboards for which have appeared across Slovakia in recent weeks.

Source: SITA

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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