The Ordinary People and Independent Personalities party introduced its election slate on December 14, headed by physicist and Týždeň weekly journalist Martin Mojžiš, followed by the head of the Slovak National Theatre drama section, Štefan Bučko, and with university professor and paediatrician Eva Horváthová in third position, the TASR newswire reported.

"We want to emphasise that her [Horváthová’s] ... priority will be health care," said independent MP Igor Matovič who is slated 150th on the party list. TASR wrote that Matovič was misty-eyed when he introduced candidate number eight, Peter Pollák.

"I'm proud that we have a Roma representative on our slate ... Since the establishment of the Slovak Parliament, there has never been a Roma in parliament," Matovič stated, adding that Pollak is a university lecturer who specialises in social issues.

"I'm Roma; I've been working in this sphere for a long time and I'll be trying not only to speak for Roma in parliament, but also to tackle [social] issues," said Pollák.

Lawyer Miroslav Kadúc, who has been cooperating with Ordinary People for two years, is slated fourth, followed by Slovak ecologist and scientist Mikuláš Huba. Former journalist Eugen Korda is number six. Korda said he would like to direct his attention to reducing corruption and to the secret services when elected to parliament.

"We know that dating back to the period of [former prime minister Vladimír] Mečiar, they [secret services] have been swamped with former members of the [Communist secret service] StB ... I would like to see them behave like standard secret services in decent democratic states," Korda stated.

Consumer ombudswoman Helena Mezenská has place number seven on the slate. Number nine belongs to Bratislava activist Alojz Hlina, who pointed out that he is the only candidate among the top ten without a university diploma. Forester Jan Mičovský is candidate number ten.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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