The Central Electoral Commission (ÚVK) on March 11 officially confirmed the results of Saturday's general election, in which Smer party received 44.41 percent of the votes and will take 83 seats in the House, TASR newswire reported.

Aside from Smer, five other parties have cleared the 5-percent threshold needed to win parliamentary representation. The Christian Democrats were the runners-up on 8.82 percent, followed by the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities with 8.55 percent. These two parties will both send 16 representatives to parliament.

The largely ethnic-Hungarian Most-Híd party was backed by 6.89 percent of the voters (13 seats), while the erstwhile leading coalition SDKÚ party received only 6.09 percent, slightly more than the liberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) on 5.88 percent. SDKÚ and SaS will have 11 MPs each.

The Slovak National Party (SNS) and its arch-rival the ethnic-Hungarian SMK fell short of making it to parliament on 4.55 percent and 4.28 percent, respectively. Both will retain the status of parliamentary parties by virtue of gaining more than 3 percent and thus will receive state funding to run their operations.

Source: TASR