A FORMER elementary school within the Adam Trajan housing complex in Piešťany is slated for demolition as the town failed to find any further use for the building and hopes to use the land for a new park for the 6,000 residents. The town asked for volunteers to help demolish the building.

The town decided to close the school in 2005 due to the small number of students. The remaining children were transferred to another school and a project to transform the building into a facility for seniors was prepared. But when money from the European Union failed to materialise, the town decided to sell the property. “Experts saw the price at about €1.6 million but the only bidder offered €30,000 so the town representatives rejected the offer,” Piešťany spokesperson Drahomíra Moretová told the TASR newswire. The proposal to demolish the school then followed.

The building was constructed in the 1980s with a concrete skeleton. The head of the town council’s property department, Igor Kováč, said it was costing about €12,000 annually to guard the building during night hours.