Slovakia’s Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit that had been filed by the Slovakpass international consortium involving the tender held for the country’s electronic toll system for highways. The court confirmed a ruling by the Regional Court in Bratislava which had approved the decision of the Public Procurement Office (ÚVO) to exclude Slovakpass as a bidder in the public competition, the SITA newswire reported.

“The unlawfulness of the defendant’s decision on which the appellants argued in their appeal was not detected by the court,” stated the verdict of the Supreme Court, as quoted by SITA, adding that the original decision of the court contained all the required elements, without formal and logical gaps, and it was properly reasoned and based on well-ascertained facts on the tender.

The court also ruled that the bid of Slovakpass was too general and not in accordance with the conditions of the procurement launched in September 2007. Moreover, SITA wrote that the consortium did not explain why it had offered such a low sum for implementation of the electronic toll system.

The competition was won by the only one bidder who remained in the tender, SkyToll company.

Source: SITA

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports
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