Karol Mello, the internationally wanted Slovak suspect with Belizean residence, was released last week on bail. But as of Monday, August 20, he was reportedly no longer on bail, according to local website www.7newsbelize.com. The reason is that he has allegedly been cleared of charges.

In an unexpected move, the two immigration charges against Mello were withdrawn in another seeming misstep, which this case has been full of, according to the website. The Belizean General Solicitor used the charges to keep him locked up after he won the habeas corpus case. But on Friday, in the Supreme Court, justice Hannomansingh had already made it clear that the charges were weak and on Monday, in Belmopan Magistrate's court, the police prosecutor announced to the magistrate that his instructions were to withdraw the charges. The Director of Public Prosecutions declined to comment for the media. Local media also attempted to contact the Solicitor General and the Deputy Solicitor General, and were informed that they were unavailable.

Mello's lawyer Godfrey Smith says that the Solicitor General's Office brought the charges - which is irregular in itself - and did not consult with the DPP's office. So when the time came to prosecute, no prosecution could be made because, it seems, the DPP's office had not been consulted, nor had they even seen the file.

Mello has been at large since Friday, but has to report his stay regularly at the local police office in the capital, the SITA newswire wrote.

The man who is accused of organising several murders in Slovakia was released in his homeland last summer due to alleged procedural failings and fled the country. Mello was detained by Belizean police on July 11, as a result of a police operation organised by Interpol in cooperation with Slovak police. Although Slovak officials sought a quick extradition, since he was arrested by immigration police, legal complications have kept Mello in Belize.

(Source: www.7newsbelize.com, SITA)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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