Police in Košice have launched a criminal prosecution against László Csatáry, a 97 year-old who is suspected of crimes against humanity on the territory of modern-day Slovakia during World War II, the TASR newswire reported, citing Košice Police Corps Directorate spokesperson Jana Mésarová on Wednesday, September 26.

According to Košice District Prosecutor's Office spokesperson Milan Filičko, the office will decide whether to approve the criminal prosecution and press charges. Csatáry, now 97, served as a commander in Košice’s Jewish ghetto during World War II and is suspected of assisting in the murder of 15,700 Jews who were deported from Košice (then under Hungarian occupation, and known as Kassa) to concentration camps.

The suspect is currently under house arrest in Hungary. A Czechoslovak court sentenced him to death in absentia in 1948. At the time, Csatáry had already fled to Canada, which stripped him of his Canadian citizenship in 1997. The UK's Sun newspaper tracked him down in Budapest in July.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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