The lowest number of unemployed people in Slovakia was recorded among the youngest category of 15-24 years old, with 73,438 people out of the total of 398,365 unemployed Slovaks included in this category as of August, it emerged from the recently released statistics carried out by the Social Affairs and Family Centre (ÚPSVaR).

This group was followed by the eldest jobseekers (aged 50 and older), with 91,347 registered at job centres in August, and the category of 25-34 had 101,249 registered. The highest unemployment rate was posted for the category of applicants in the 35-49 bracket, accounting for 132,300 people, the TASR newswire quoted the statistics.

When it came to regional differences, the Prešov Region ended up with the highest number of unemployed people (83,512 registered jobseekers), followed by the Košice Region with 74,649 and the Banská Bystrica Region with 67,198 unemployed people. Meanwhile, Bratislava region in August recorded the lowest unemployment rate with 20,377 people registered at job centres. According to the published data, job centres registered a total of almost 400,000 jobseekers in August. 356,423 of all jobseekers were ready to start work immediately, which accounted for a 13.19-percent unemployment rate.

(Source: TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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