MIROSLAV Lajčák, the Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, described Slovakia in his address at the Law Faculty of Harvard University in Boston as a successful country situated in the very centre of European integration, and as an active member of the eurozone and the Schengen agreement area. His speech on November 7 concluded his visit to the US, the ministry informed on its website.

In the speech, in which he delved into the foreign policy priorities of the Slovak Republic and the role of the EU as a global international player, he shared his experience working in international positions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and with students in the European External Action Service.

Lajčák also focused on the necessity of close EU-US cooperation, particularly with regard to their role in solving several global conflicts.

Lajčák also visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in New England, where he spoke with top representative Tim Rowe on opportunities for engaging Slovak start-up companies as part of the CIC’s activities to support the development of innovation and knowledge in the Slovak economy.