ARNOLD the eagle, whose migratory journey to his winter home is being followed by protectionists and the public, has re-surfaced after the signal from his solar transmitter was lost for 16 days.

The signal came back on the afternoon of November 12 from the African country of Zambia, head of the Tatra National Park (TANAP) natural reserve administration, Pavol Majko, told the TASR newswire. He explained that Arnold had spent the previous days in Congo, a territory not covered by GSM.

“We are happy he didn’t die and struggles on, moving more to the south,” Majko said. Arnold was caught by protectionists in August, in his nesting site at the Western Tatra foothills, not far from the municipality of Liptovské Matiašovce, when he still had a young eagle in his nest. Preservationists used the dummy of an eagle-owl – a natural competitor – to lure him in and a GSM satellite transmitter was affixed to his body which shows his location every two hours. The public can track his whereabouts online on the TANAP administration website.