The Slovak Democratic and Christian Union-SDKÚ caucus and the party might lose three of its members, sources within the party leadership told the TASR newswire.

SDKÚ caucus chair Lucia Žitňanská and MPs Miroslav Beblavý and Magdaléna Vášáryová are considering leaving the party. Their final decision is likely to be announced at December 12 presidium session or the session of Central Council, set for December 14.

Beblavý wasn’t inclined to provide any details and told TASR that he still remains a member of SDKÚ for the moment. When asked for how long, he replied: “We're discussing our future in the party.” Žitňanská refused to comment on the issue, whereas Vášáryová described news concerning this development as "yellow journalism".

One of the alleged reasons fueling discontent stems from SDKÚ Chairman Pavol Frešo's decision to bring in lawyer Dušan Repák who represented the Movement for Democratic Slovakia-HZDS MPs in the Constitutional Court proceedings when HZDS intended to abolish the Special Court during the term of current Supreme Court Chairman Štefan Harabin as justice minister (2006-09).

In May 2012, Žitňanská lost the battle for SDKÚ top post to Pavol Frešo and subsequently teamed up with Beblavý to found a project called ‘We’re Creating Slovakia’. This initiative didn’t sit well with other powerbrokers and members of the party and the duo had to explain their actions to the SDKÚ presidium, TASR wrote. Both Žitňanská and Beblavý emerged from the six-hour session without punishment, with Frešo declaring afterwards that Žitňanská enjoys his full trust.

If these three members leave, the SDKÚ caucus will shrink from eleven to eight in the process, the Sme daily wrote. The daily also wrote that they have been discussing with Frešo the direction of the party, being especially discontented by regional election results in Banská Bystrica (where the regional party branch refused to support Smer candidate for regional head Vladimír Maňka against extremist Maarian Kotleba), and the recent membership of Repák.

(Source: TASR, Sme)

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports

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UPDATE: Žitňanská, Beblavý and Vášáryová left the SDKÚ

The Slovak Democratic and Christian Union-SDKÚ caucus chair Lucia Žitňanská and MPs Miroslav Beblavý and Magdaléna Vášáryová are leaving the party. The trio announced their decision at the SDKÚ presidium’s session held late December 12, TASR wrote.

(Source: TASR)