Travelling for business is not always as fun as some people think. Especially when you are staying at different places and you are not quite sure what to expect from the next hotel. To perform your best during negotiations or conference presentations, or when pitching a business proposal, you need a good night’s sleep and a comfortable environment to work, prepare and relax in as well. Do you know the feeling? Well, I do. So if a hotel stands out and offers a great experience, I feel it’s worth sharing…

My expectations were high, since I read a lot of positive reviews of Hotel Danubia Gate in Bratislava on, and I also noticed the hotel was awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2013. I arrived exhausted and hungry after the evening flight, so I appreciated that the hotel arranged a taxi for me. A warm welcome at the reception with a complimentary drink was followed by the very pleasant surprise that was my room. Not only was it quite spacious, but it was very well equipped, too. The large, comfortable bed and the pillow menu ensured a good night’s sleep.

I only travelled with my iPad, so having a computer in the room was useful for me for taking care of some office work, and being able to print documents directly in the room saved me time as well. Of course free Wi-Fi was available throughout the hotel, so reading my email on the tablet during breakfast was just as convenient. Having a nice cappuccino and fresh pastries in the morning is a nice start to a new day. A high quality breakfast with many options and delicious coffee is a must, and I was glad to see that the management at this hotel understands that. I didn’t have to give up my morning exercise either, since the hotel offers a small fitness centre.

A variety of conference rooms were available and when I invited new business partners over for a small meeting, we enjoyed a business lunch in a private lounge, rather than having to sit in the restaurant. Well, details are always important.

After a long, hard day it would be nice to enjoy a little wellness time. The hotel does not offer a wellness centre yet, but honestly, it had something that was even better! Did I mention my bathroom had a private whirlpool? Enjoying something like that in a room that isn’t a presidential suite is not standard, but here the Deluxe room offers this great treat! Delightful bubbles washed away all the stress and I was ready for an evening out.

The hotel is conveniently located in the city centre, just a 10 minute walk to the lovely Hviezdoslav Square with the beautiful State opera building. If you like shopping, the new Eurovea shopping centre is nearby, and alongside the Danube river promenade you can enjoy dinner in one of the highly recommended restaurants. Bratislava is a small but very charming city, and it’s worth having a look around if you get the chance.

Having an environmental policy that goes beyond the towel changing programme is not standard practice for hotels yet, so I really appreciated that the management of Hotel Danubia Gate is concerned about protecting the environment on a higher level. Not only has the hotel joined the International Ecotourism Society, but it is the first hotel in Slovakia to offer an electric car charging station directly in its parking lot. What a nice surprise!

I even found out that the hotel is famous in Slovakia for these kinds of innovative technologies, like the electronic waiter call system and the germicidal lamp that cleans the room with UV light by destroying bacteria during the flu season. I wonder what sort of invention I’ll see here next time…