Ordinary People and Independent Personalities-OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič says that the ruling Smer party has monopolised the successes achieved during reforms to Roma policy while leaving criticisms for Government Proxy for Roma Communities Peter Pollák.

Matovič himself proposed Pollák to the post more than a year ago. Matovič now hints that his nominee might leave the post due to disagreements with the ruling party. Matovič admitted, as quoted by the Sme daily on January 7, that the Labour Ministry has taken the praise related to changes in social allowances.

Pollák has faced criticism in parliament that he does not solve problems related to the integration of the Roma community. The Interior Ministry, which oversees Pollák’s office, denies allegations that other ministers block his suggestions. It says that the Roma reforms are going ahead but they want to solve individual situations in a more complex way, and therefore some steps require more time. The application of Roma reform policies that were announced to much fanfare at the beginning of 2013 has been delayed.

In an interview for the TASR newswire, Matovič claimed that proposing Pollák was a responsible step. He added that all Slovak governments so far tried to “solve” the Roma issues while avoiding the roots of the problem.

“It would be only natural, that if Smer blocks all future proposals and initiatives, that Peter [Pollák] stops making himself their fool and leaves,” Matovič opined, according to TASR. “Considering that his real power is being a government advisor, he does his job well, I think.”

(Source: Sme, TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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