ANOTHER contingent of 57 Slovak soldiers was sent to Afghanistan as part of the ISAF mission in early January, mostly in advisory and consulting roles.

At the moment, 289 Slovak troops are involved in the ISAF operation, the TASR newswire learned from the Defence Ministry on January 8. A total of 24 soldiers from the latest batch are to be assigned to the Special Operation Advisory Group (SOAG), which carries out advisory tasks and provides support to Afghan special forces and command structures. The remaining 33 troops will form the Mobile Strike Force Security Forces Advisory Team (MSF SFAT).

“If needed, MSF SFAT provides support to operational planning of tactical deployments in offensive, defensive, security and stabilising operations,” said Defence Ministry spokesperson Martin Balleková.

Under the August 2013 government resolution, a five-man strong medical team is set to be sent to Afghanistan in January. The soldiers will boost the Czech-Slovak surgeon team operating at the field hospital located at the international airport in Kabul. The ISAF mission is scheduled to terminate at the end of 2014. NATO, however, is expected to continue running operations in Afghanistan after the ISAF mission is concluded in a support and advisory capacity.

(Source: TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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