MILITARY Intelligence (VS) deputy head Róbert Tibenský is no longer facing police prosecution over accusations regarding his conduct during his term as a military attaché in Israel in 2008-2011.

On January 4 the Sme daily broke a story that the police had concluded their investigation into the accusations against Tibenský. A former Defence Ministry employee who filed the criminal complaint against Tibenský in August 2013, accused Tibenský of abusing his post, of being involved in a car accident while driving under the influence, using public money to repair the car without having announced the accident, and of lying about the area of his opulent apartment in a prominent neighbourhood in Tel Aviv.

The complaint contained very specific accusations, complete with documents and photos.

Similar accusations were listed in the file on Tibenský’s investigation, the copy of which Sme reporters received anonymously in June 2013. The file, which is six pages long and dated February 8, 2010, alleges that Tibenský abused his powers in 2004-2008 when he made arrangements to rent four apartments, office space and a garage, which were to be used by the intelligence service, but which he eventually used for his personal benefit, Sme reported.

In June 2013, a former Military Intelligence Service (VSS) officer spoke out, telling the media that she was subjected to bullying in relation to claims of embezzlement.

Tibenský denied the accusations, which, according to him, may have been personal revenge from a former ministry employee.

The former employee of the ministry filed a criminal motion, but the police dismissed it on December 18, two days after Sme inquired about the story.

The investigator said that all the allegations were not criminal but rather disciplinary matters for the VS. Moreover, the two-year statute of limitations has already expired, she added, as reported by Sme.

The Defence Ministry has not commented on the case, saying it must first read the official results of investigation, said ministry spokesperson Martina Balleková.