MICROLOANS, partial payments of social-welfare benefits in ‘coupons’, fines for employers who employ people illegally, Roma assistants and penalties for residents who destroy the flats provided to them by municipalities are among a raft of measures proposed by the Most-Híd party within their Vision 2016 strategy. They focus on coming to grips with poverty and Roma issues.

Among the incentives to encourage people to work is to guarantee that the maximum level of welfare benefits is lower than the minimum wage, said Most-Híd chairman Béla Bugár, as reported by the TASR newswire.

Bugár agrees that recipients of benefits should do some work in order to receive part of their payment, but noted that the job must be provided by the state, for example through participating on works to prevent floods. Moreover, those who work to get their benefits should receive some kind of bonus, Bugár suggested, so he sees “that it is worth it to participate in this project”, TASR reported.

He went on to point to the need to provide incentives to employers in order to prompt them into employing jobless people. If an employer gives a job to a person who receives benefits, then the employer should receive the benefit amount as a bonus and should be required to employ the individual for a certain period, he suggested, also proposing that some tax-deductible items for such employers should be introduced.

According to Bugár, there is also a need to combat illegal work more resolutely. In this respect, he suggested that employers who employ even a single person illegally and are caught doing so should have to pay the illegal employee concerned “various benefits”.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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