SET-UP, by the elledanse theatre and school of contemporary dance, premiers January 24, and explores people who, after transforming themselves, discover that boundaries disappear and their chances of progress become unlimited.

“The idea came gradually over the last three years,” choreographer and director of the piece, Radoslav Piovarči, wrote to The Slovak Spectator. “I often got into situations where I was forced to adapt to a new environment, people and circumstances. All of this evoked in me the desire to discuss these impressions with friends [to see] if they feel the same. I found out that every one of us has undergone a fundamental change and that the period immediately afterwards is a time to stay on one’s toes and take in the impressions from the outside world very sensitively. This was the motivation to start doing SET-UP.”

Piovarči asked Andrej Jurkovič to compose the music: “I invited someone who knows me and my work well... When I started descri-bing the images, he quickly ‘read’ the atmosphere and the dynamic. Parallel to how I created one part [of the performance] after another, he composed the music and we complemented one another.”

Piovarči added that he intended the piece to be for everyone and no one in particular: “I would be glad if youths as well as older generations found their way to contemporary dance and to performances of this type in Slovakia, as is the case more and more all over the world.”

SET-UP, performed by Michaela Králiková, alternated by Henna Leppinen, Ja-na Šuchová, Dana Okáliová and Michal Heriban, will premier on January 24 in the T y D House at Miletičova 17/B and re-run on February 13.