FILM CITY in Mumbai, established in 1977 and spread over 500 acres, is one of the largest studio complexes in India. But while Film City is better known for Bollywood style films, it is also the place where prominent Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegal shot a 10-part TV series, The Story of the Making of the Constitution of India – Samvidhaan. The series is scheduled to air later this year.

“This [the constitution] is one of the important things about our country; that we have a constitution and we [even] made amendments, but our constitution has stood firm, it has not collapsed,” said Benegal during a pause when shooting the series in one of the studios turned into the Central Hall of the Parliament House, where the debates took place to draft the Constitution of India between 1946 and 1949. “If you look at most countries, they have rewritten their constitutions, except for a few European countries.”

Benegal believes that thanks to this debate his country has a great constitution and that India has mostly remained true to its Constitution despite all the problems it has faced as a multinational country.