Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) presidential candidate Peter Osuský said at a press conference January 29 that he is leaving the race.

SaS chairman Richard Sulík, who accompanied Osuský at the press conference, announced that SaS will now support independent presidential candidate Radoslav Procházka. Osuský decided to give up his candidacy based on an agreement with SaS.

“I’ve accepted the consideration that even without my participation as a presidential candidate, there is a very decent selection for the centre-right electorate,” Osuský said as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Sulík commended Osuský's step.

“It is vitally important that political forces on the right side of the political spectrum are able to come together and present such a candidate who has a chance to succeed in direct competition with Robert Fico,” said Sulík in explaining SaS’s decision to support Procházka.

Osuský, however, did not disclose who he will vote for – or who he will personally recommend his voters to support.

(Source: TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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