ROUGHLY every sixth restaurant in Slovakia offers traditional Slovak specialities on its menu. The most commonly prepared traditional Slovak meal is brynzdové halušky, dumplings made from potato dough with bryndza, a salty sheep’s cheese. This is one of the findings of a survey conducted by, a website uniting more than 1,600 restaurants across Slovakia.

The highest concentration of restaurants offering traditional Slovak meals is in Bratislava and Košice.

“This is due not only to the bigger size of the cities but especially to the presence of foreign tourists,” Simona Cagalincová from said, as cited in the press release.

Among other traditional Slovak meals offered are bryndzové pirohy (dumplings filled with bryndza), placky (pancakes), strapačky (potato dumplings with stewed sauerkraut) and parené buchty (large steamed dumplings with various fillings).

Based on the survey, 10 percent of restaurants prepare meals from Czech cuisine. Other popular cuisines are those of Hungary, Poland and the Balkans. Italian cuisine is also popular in Slovakia.
“Pizza reigns, as it is offered by one fifth of Slovak restaurants, regardless of their focus,” said Cagalincová.