“I really missed brindzové halušky in California, so I tried to make it myself, but it was a disaster,” said English teacher Mark Christensen. He is popular among Slovaks for his songs in their mother tongue. He so much enjoyed life in Slovakia that he has decided to stay. Christensen urges all foreigners see more than just Bratislava, to visit castles and particularly try to interact with Slovaks. “It is really the only way how to see Slovakia through the eyes of the people that live here," he says.

Video made by journalism students who discovered Slovakia for the 19th edition of Spectacular Slovakia , the annual travel guide published by the English-language weekly The Slovak Spectator.

This project was also made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Journalism Department of Comenius University, tv.sme and support of the Slovak Tourist Board (SACR) and Orange Slovensko.

The 18th edition of Spectacular Slovakia with focus on Bratislava is on sale via the spectator.sk online shop or amazon.com.