THE TWO most popular names in Slovakia for newborns are Nela – which beat the previously victorious Sofia among girls – and Jakub (winning for the fourth consecutive year), according to a poll conducted by the website.

Adam is the second most popular boy’s name, followed by Samuel and Michal (unchanged since 2012). Lukáš slipped from second to fifth place, while the sixth most popular boy’s name is Filip, and the seventh is Tomáš. Natália, which placed second this year, was not among last year’s seven most popular names. Third among girls’ names is Ema, fourth is Nina, followed by Viktória and Simona.

After a period when various foreign and unusual names were popular, Slovak parents seem to be returning to more traditional national names, the TASR newswire quoted the website. There are ever more Annas, Hanas, Petrs and Jozefs.

However, 2013 saw several other new developments: Mischa Chukwunonyelum was signed into the birth registry in Košice, while in Petržalka, Mercedes, Simara and Noel were registered. In Žilina there lives an Anchel, in Nitra a Freya, as well as a Mamadou in Bratislava, Kirillios in Michalovce and Habibah in Trnava.

Some parents have even attempted to register names that are not considered actual names, like Junior II or Prezident.

In Poprad, Tomáš and Martin are tied for the most popular boy’s name, followed by Samuel, Filip, Sebastián, Ján, Adam and Matúš. Among girls, the most frequently given names are Nela, Nina and Sofia, followed by Timea, Viktória and Ema. Less traditional names in 2013 were Bryan, Diego, Fraňo, Franklin, Eduardo, Móric and Robin for boys; and Megan, Edit, Chantal, Shania, Dahlia, Chloe, Kiara, Norma, Laskia and Ellie for girls. The first baby born in Poprad this year was named Layla, TASR wrote.