PRIME MINISTER Robert Fico and philanthropist Andrej Kiska would have made it to the second round run-off if the presidential elections had been held in late January/early February, according to the poll carried out by the Polis agency on 1,969 respondents.

The poll had Fico winning the first round with 40.5 percent of the vote, while Kiska gathered 15.3 percent. Milan Kňažko, one of the leaders of the Velvet Revolution, would land third place with 10.1 percent of the vote, the SITA newswire reported on February 4.

Independent MP Radoslav Procházka would take fourth place with 9.2 percent, followed by Pavol Hrušovský from the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) with 9.1 percent and Gyula Bárdos of the Party of Hungarian Community (SMK) with 4.3 percent.

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OĽaNO) MP Helena Mezenská would win the support of 3.7 percent of respondents, while former KDH chair Ján Čarnogurský would garner 3 percent of respondents’ support. Cardio-surgeon Vladimír Fischer would take 1.3 percent of the vote, while the remaining candidates would receive a combined 3.5 percent of the vote.

About 63 percent of respondents said they would attend the elections, while 13 percent would not vote at all and 24 percent of respondents said they did not know if they would vote, SITA wrote.

Source: SITA

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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