WHILE Slovakia had its highest foreign trade surpluses with Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria during the first 10 months of 2013, it registered the largest trade balance deficit with South Korea, Russia and China, the Slovak Statistics Office reported on January 9.

Slovakia exported goods worth €53.67 billion during the January-October period, an increase by 3.2 percent, while total imports rose by 1.2 percent to €49.4 billion. The foreign trade balance was in surplus amounting to €4.27 billion.

Based on detailed data for the January-October period, Slovakia had the highest foreign trade surpluses with Germany (€3.76 billion) followed by the Czech Republic (€2.123 billion), Poland (€2.111 billion) and Austria (€2.103 billion), the United Kingdom (€1.92 billion), France (€1.3 billion), Hungary (€1.19 billion), Italy (€893.8 million) and the Netherlands (€680.8 million).

Slovakia registered the largest trade balance deficit with South Korea (€4.25 billion), the Russian Federation (€2.85 billion), China (€2.11 billion) and Japan (€554.1 million).

In terms of goods, exports of telephone sets, including telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks, increased the most significantly, up €778.4 million; motor cars and other motor vehicles for passenger transport went up by €427.8 million; and parts and accessories for motor vehicles by €323.1 million.

In terms of the main economic groupings, the export to the EU countries increased by 1.8 percent (it constituted 82.8 percent of the total export of Slovakia) and to the OECD countries by 2.3 percent (it represented 85.8 percent).