A STRONG and well-known brand, interesting work, a sound reputation and job security are the chief factors for people when considering the ideal employer. Salaries, as it turns out, are not as important, according to a survey carried out by employment agency Profesia and Forbes magazine on 10,000 respondents.

The survey also showed that respondents view US giant Google as the most attractive employer.

In real life salaries are important for people, said Ivana Molnárová, head of Profesia, explaining that when people were asked why they are dissatisfied with their jobs, most expressed unhappiness with their wages.

“But if we talk about the most attractive employer, money does not seem to play a very important role,” Molnárová added, as quoted in the press release.

Luboš Sirota, the general director of McRoy Group, confirms this trend. While the older generation prefers stability and job security, the middle generation focuses more on money and millennials appreciate jobs where the work is interesting, challenging and creative, he explained to The Slovak Spectator.

Age and regional differences

The survey showed several differences between the different age groups. Older people prefer job security and a company with a long tradition, while a strong and well-known brand appeals the most to those aged 44 and under. This demographic also takes into consideration salaries and the possibility for personal growth, Profesia spokesperson Marcela Glevická told The Slovak Spectator.

Sirota however said that preferences do not change immediately with the age.
“[People] carry most of their preferences with them during their whole professional life,” Sirota explained, adding that with increasing age only the desire to change one’s job decreases.

As for regional differences, people from wealthier areas with lower jobless rates look for more challenging and interesting work. With increasing unemployment, however, people are becoming more concerned about job security and are less willing to risk losing their well-paid job, Sirota said.

Google remains the most attractive

The survey was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, held between July 8 and August 26, 2013, 3,822 people picked the companies that they would like to work for. Based on the results, the pollsters compiled a list of the 50 most attractive firms, which people could then vote for in the second phase, Glevická explained.

The questionnaires were placed on the Profesia.sk and Platy.sk portals. People could take the survey freely, she added.

For the second consecutive time, respondents chose Google as the most attractive employer in Slovakia, mostly because it is a strong brand that gives its personnel a range of possibilities to realise their potential, while offering interesting work, the survey showed. Google finished at the top for both men and women.

J&T financial group placed second, being of particular interest to people 55 and older, while carmaker Volkswagen placed third on the strength of good salaries and various perks.

The other two firms in the top five are bookstore chain Martinus (for the nature of the work, the possibility of self-realisation, a nice working environment and the possibility to influence the firm’s operation) and the National Bank of Slovakia (for job security and the high influence of employees on their positions).

Goole topped the list in all regions except one: people in Košice Region picked local steelmaker U.S. Steel Košice.