Slovakia is becoming a black hole for foreign investors again, Independent MP and former Economy Minister Juraj Miškov said February 12, commenting on the latest statistics issued by the central bank (NBS).

Slovakia recorded negative inflow in foreign direct investment to the tune of €23 million over the January-November 2013 period, according to the NBS statistics. “The figure is even worse than the drop in investments in the crisis year of 2009, when [the negative inflow of FDI] amounted to €4.5 million,” Miškov told TASR newswire.

In comparison, the neighbouring Czech Republic posted a positive inflow of direct foreign investments of more than €3 billion over the same period, he added.

“Some media rejoice over any investment that strays towards Slovakia - whether it is the [potential] construction of logistics warehouses by Amazon with low added value, or the construction of a casino [disguised] under the name of the Metropolis project,” Miškov said.

Most of the foreign investments in Slovakia end up in western Slovakia or the vicinity of the capital, with foreign resources avoiding most troubled areas in the north, centre and east of the country.

"Slovakia is becoming - similarly as during the era of [former Prime Minister Vladimír] Mečiar – a black hole for foreign investments,” he said.

(Source: TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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