THE AVERAGE nominal monthly wage in December 2013 surged in the repair of motor vehicles by 10.1 percent, to €890. The average wage also marked a year-on-year increase in most monitored sectors of economy, the Slovak Statistics Office (ŠÚ) reported on February 11.

The wholesale sector recorded growth at 3.7 percent to €896, accommodation by 3.6 percent to €603, transportation and storage by 1.6 percent to €830 and retail by 1.2 percent to €591. The ŠÚ also recorded, as quoted by the SITA newswire, an increase in the average wage in restaurants and pubs by 1.1 percent to €367 and in industry by 0.1 percent to €934.

A decrease was reported in the ICT sector, where the average monthly wage dropped by 11.2 percent to €1,917, in construction by 7.7 percent to €639 and in selected market services by 0.6 percent to €910.