INCUBATOR hub:raum Krakow, created by the telecom company Deutsche Telekom and supported by Slovak Telekom, has supported the Slovak start-up Thapir, developing an app for smart phones with €30,000. The app automatically searches for events in the locality of the user based on geo-location technology, Slovak Telekom said in mid-February.

“To get such a strong partner as Slovak Telekom for our project means marvellous opportunities for usage of synergies on our domestic market, support during development of the product but also the opportunity to enter foreign markets, on which the group of Deutsche Telekom operates,” Martin Horváth, the co-founder and CEO of Thapir said.

For now the application is available for the operating system iOS, while it can be used for informing about events including concerts, theatrical performances, sports matches and discounts. It details events not only in Slovakia but also in European or world metropolises. Apart from information about the events it also offers directions and navigation to where it takes place and address-based search functions.

Thapir will use the money it received to also develop the application for the Android platform.