In Slovakia 54,823 children were born last year, which is 712 fewer than the year before. The population of the country nonetheless grew by 5,000 thanks to the number of migrants - 2,379 – while 52,089 people died.

This stems from the data of the Slovak Statistics Office quoted by the Sme daily. Demographic expert Branislav Šprocha warned, however, that Slovakia can start losing population within 10 years as migrants will not be able to bridge the dropping birth rate and higher mortality, according to prognoses.

Analyst Vladimír Baláž pointed out, moreover, that the decline itself is not as serious problem as the change in the age structure. The number of pensioners will be on the rise while the number of young people will be shrinking, he said for Sme.

(Source: Sme)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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