THE SLOVAK Centre of Design (SCD) moved last year to the Hurban Barracks at the intersection of Obchodná and Radlinského Streets and Kollárovo Square. The current exhibition there offers the works of the winners of the international Professor Halabala Award, co-organised by the SCD and the Technical University Zvolen.

The contestants, students of interior and furniture design at universities or colleges, come from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. The award is organised annually, alternating each year between Brno and Zvolen. This selection of works was first shown at the Zvolen University before moving to the Slovak capital. The innovative and sometimes humorous exhibitions (some of which raise questions about their potential practical use) were selected by an international 11-member jury.

The exhibition can be seen daily except for Monday, between 13:00 and 18:00, in the Satelit, Exhibition and Information Centre of the SCD, in the Hurban barracks, until March 15.