The new Principal of The British International School Bratislava, Matthew Farthing, commented that “Expeditions and service work helping others teaches students about their future responsibilities in the wider world” as he welcomed back the party of students from Bratislava who had taken part in the recent Nord Anglia Education experience in Tanzania.

After months of fundraising and raising awareness within the community of The British International School Bratislava, four of its students - Bianca Lucini, Melissa Radoja, Lauren Kelly, Hoda Jahanpour and their teacher Mrs Philippa Williams took part in an expedition to Tanzania together with more than 100 students from other Nord Anglia Education schools. During their stay between 1st – 9th February 2014 they worked directly with the Huruma orphanage and the Maua School in the Arusha region to improve daily life of local children.

Students had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, both in the local community and in The Global Classroom camp. They attended a three-day expedition to the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and spent here two days teaching at the Maua School and renovating the Huruma Orphanage.

While repairing broken windows, repainting classrooms and teaching local children, Nord Anglia Education’s students had an amazing opportunity to explore the wildlife and nature of Tanzania and learn more about traditions, culture and broader issues such as the local environment and the history of slavery.

Few months before the expedition started, students of The British International School Bratislava were raising money by hosting competitions, bake sales or selling coffee at various school events. Although this money was spent for a good cause, students know that it was just a beginning and there is much more to do. Therefore, the school will join Nord Anglia Education in continuing its service work in the Arusha region with the aim to make a difference that will have a positive and sustainable impact on the local community.

This service learning project is part of The Global Classroom, a Nord Anglia Education’s initiative providing opportunities for its students to learn informally, interact with experts and collaborate with their peers in The Global Classroom network of 27 Nord Anglia Education’s schools across the world. It enables students to participate in a variety of activities focusing on their development and helping others.

This is a unique experience which enhances the education students receive at The British International School Bratislava and ensures they gain global perceptions of various problems of the world and that they will look independently for means to solve them. Melissa, Year 10, says:

„The children were all so happy and smiley! Whenever we did some activity/game where we had to sit on the ground, they would all crowd round and sit on our laps, holding our hands. It was such a great experience seeing what they had and how happy they were with it and it really made us all think about how we take everything for granted, making us appreciate what we have a whole lot more.“

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