THE NUMBER of companies, which after establishing themselves in Slovakia, have since successfully expanded abroad, is on the rise. To help Slovak start-ups, young entrepreneurs and bigger companies enter the Austrian market, the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia (ZMPS) has joined with the Vienna Business Agency and prepared a seminar on how to do business in Austria along with a series of workshops called Twinenterpreneurs.

“When you decide to expand, you must know the market, the behaviour of the consumer and the specific features of the given business environment,” Tomáš Husár from the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia said in February. “Without the proper contact this is still a difficult path. Also this is why we are bringing to Slovak companies a possibility to attend free interactive workshops with young Austrian entrepreneurs, which are an ideal place not only for exchanging experiences but also for creation of over-the-border partnerships.”

Based on a ZMPS analysis, some 20.5 percent of Slovak companies are already doing business abroad and as many as 70.5 percent ponder this possibility. The Czech Republic tops the list of most preferred countries for expansion, with 26.1 percent, followed by Austria with 13 percent and Hungary with 9.8 percent.

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