PRIME Minister Robert Fico warned that sanctions against Russia could hinder the recovery that European Union countries have made since the economic crisis.

If no further crises occur, Europe will be able to recover from the crisis in 2015, Fico said in an interview with the TASR newswire. He added that Slovakia’s economic growth may be close to 3 percent, one of the highest in the EU.

“If, however, some geopolitical fight will win over common sense again, and there is pressure on Slovakia to become part of the hard economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, we may forget about economic success,” Fico said, as quoted by TASR. He added that Slovakia could be seriously harmed by such sanctions.

Fico believes that representatives of other EU countries share this opinion, as reported by TASR.

The EU has already imposed sanctions against Russia in two phases. If the crisis in eastern Ukraine continues to escalate, it is ready to impose further economic sanctions.

“There are exact analyses showing what a specific sanction would mean for the economic growth of the [EU] countries,” Fico told TASR, adding he does not want to reveal them now.

Source: TASR

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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