ARNOLD, the eagle whose winter migration was monitored by environmentalists and the Slovak public, returned home from Africa on April 22. After his long journey, however, he discovered that another eagle had taken both his nest and his mate. A struggle quickly ensued, with all three eagles fighting over the territory. The intruding eagle and Arnold’s ex eventually vacated Arnold’s nest, and he settled down to rest after his 8,000-kilometre-long journey.

“I give my thanks and respect to the fans of our project for their support,” Tatra National Park (TANAP) administrator Pavol Majko said, as quoted by the TASR newswire. “Arnold is home.” Majko explained that Arnold’s former mate probably found a new mate, who attacked Arnold when he returned, SITA wrote.

In 2013, Tatra-based environmentalists affixed a satellite transmitter to Arnold’s back to track his movements. He left Slovakia on September 19, and after about one month, he reached his winter migration grounds in South Africa, after having made his way across Europe and the war zone in Syria. However, his journey back to Slovakia, which began on March 4, took nearly two months, and as his mate arrived two weeks earlier, this might have prompted her to find a new partner.

Environmentalists expected Arnold to rest after the long trip, and then try to win back his ex-mate. However, the story took a different turn. “After not so good news from the previous days, we finally have happy news. On April 25, Arnold was caught in the most intimate situation with his new love,” Majko informed TASR. Environmentalists saw Arnold with his new partner on two occasions, on a spruce tree at the edge of the forest. His new mate seems to be very diligent. “She reciprocated Arnold’s love by bringing him a recently hunted field mouse,” Majko stressed. It seems, however, that the eagle couple has decided to find a new nest.

His nest is now under the surveillance of a webcam that broadcasts live on