SLOVAK and Czech companies lag behind when using mobile technologies to communicate with clients. This is one of findings of Digital IQ, a survey which the PwC consultancy firm organised for the sixth time, in which Slovak and Czech companies participated for the first time, the SITA newswire reported on April 9.

Only 13 percent of respondents from Slovakia and the Czech Republic are investing in mobile technologies for clients within three to five years.

“The results of the survey in Slovakia and the Czech Republic show that companies operating in these two countries use mobile technologies the most for making information about products and services available, but less for direct interaction with clients,” said Patrik Horný, a partner of PwC, of the survey’s results.

Only 11 percent of participating companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic use mobile technologies for creating new products and services. Slovak and Czech companies also lag in the usage of social media for internal communication and cooperation, with only 3 percent saying they are currently carrying out or are planning projects in this field in 2014.