MULTIFUNCTIONAL terminals will replace eight non-functional telephone booths in Bratislava’s Old Town. These will be operated by the private company Fox One, the SITA newswire reported in mid-April.
This project is a result of the Old Town’s long-running efforts to do something with the old telephone booths, according to Old Town Mayor Tatiana Rosová.

“Instead of non-functional areas, we can have areas that will have a sensible function,” said Rosová.
Bratislava residents and visitors will be able to use the new terminals to find information about the police and health care. They will also provide free access to the emergency line 112 and the internet, and extend coverage of the city’s WiFi signal. The terminals will also offer information about tourist sites, cultural events, and other tourism and culture-related information.

Deputies of Bratislava’s Old Town greenlighted renting the pavements under the terminals in mid-April. The private company will rent in total eight square metres for 10 years for €1 per square metre, per year. It also has to pay a so-far unsettled tax of €28,080 for the usage of the public space under the telephone booths. The costs for obtaining the terminals are projected at €108,000, and the annual costs of their operation will exceed €27,000.