THE CELEBRATION of Labour Day on May 1 in the village of Dojč in the western-Slovak region of Záhorie offered a return to the past.

The municipality held a traditional May Day parade, complete with so-called pioneers, young promising builders of communism called zväzáci, as well as communist functionaries, communist-era cars and police officers donning period uniforms of the Verejná Bezpečnosť (Public Security) police corps. The fourth year of the retro May Day celebrations was done in a spirit of light-hearted fun, the SITA newswire wrote.

Folklore was the theme of the celebrations in nearby Senica, with folklore ensembles from the Czech municipality of Podlužie and Turá Lúka, Sobotište and Myjava in Slovakia, as well as majorettes and other activities in the cultural programme.

The festivities also connected May Day with celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Slovakia’s accession to the European Union.