THE DISTRICT Court in Dunajská Streda ruled on May 19 in the lawsuit of József Kvarda (Party of Hungarian Community, SMK), a Trnava region councillor, against two MPs of the Most-Híd party for libel.

Most-Híd MPs, József Nagy and Gabriel Csicsai, in their open letter to the public at the end of last year, wrote that the contract on charging fees for parking near the hospital in Dunajská Streda is very disadvantageous for the hospital and the patients, and that it benefits only the private operator. Nagy and Csicsai also called on two signatories of the contract, town mayor Zoltán Hájos and Kvarda, to resign from their posts on the hospital’s board. Hájos resigned, but Kvarda sued the politicians, the TASR newswire wrote.

The court decided to turn down the suit, arguing that the acceptable lawful limit of freedom of speech had not been crossed, Nagy told TASR. The MPs do not even have to apologise. The court, however, did not proceed to deal with the profits the contract brought to Kvarda. Kvarda has not been recalled from his position on the hospital board.

(Source: TASR)
Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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