PRESIDENT-ELECT Andrej Kiska requested a meeting with the incumbent President Ivan Gašparovič via email. This was one of the reasons why Gašparovič turned the request down, he admitted in an interview with the SITA newswire.

“I’m not sure it is common to ask for a meeting with the acting president via email; I do not think that it is anywhere in the world,” Gašparovič said, admitting that the email was later followed by a hard-copy letter.

On April 10, Gašparovič’s office first received an email from Kiska with a photocopy of the letter requesting the meeting in the attachment. Later the same day, the physical letter arrived in the mail, according to SITA.

Gašparovič also argued that meetings between outgoing and incoming presidents are not common elsewhere in the world.

“Which presidents in the world have met after elections like this? I do not remember Bush meeting Obama or Chirac meeting Sarkozy or Sarkozy meeting Hollande,” he told SITA.

Gašparovič also complained about Kiska’s communicating with the president over the media about what he can and what he cannot do, and called it unprecedented.

Gašparovič refused Kiska’s request earlier in May.

Source: SITA

Compiled by Michaela Terenzani from press reports.
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