THE SUNDAY Parade (Nedeľná Paráda), a regular event what strives to bring together foreign communities living in Slovakia and increase awareness among Slovaks is back on May 25 in the Old Market Hall (Stará Tržnica).

This time, the ‘Day of Africa’ will be celebrated with a host of workshops and a cultural programme. There will also be Dutch Market full of delicacies that will attract visitors, the organisers informed.

The Dutch community has prepared a charity market to support the public fundraiser “Let Us Renovate the Roof of the Old Market Hall” currently running on the Dobrá krajina website. Dutch cheese, beer, waffles, flowers, ‘appeltaart’ and liquorice will be on offer, as well as typical clogs, Indonesian food, Dutch folklore costumes, Dutch literature and the country’s most popular means of transportation – the bicycle - within the local Cyklokuchyňa initiative.

May 25 is the Day of Africa, featuring another series of workshops, concerts and dance performances, as well as a photo exhibition from South Sudan and Kenya and a cooking lesson, all aimed at celebrating the continent and bringing it closer to central and eastern Europeans.

Paráda! is a collecting point in the Old Market Hall where this Sunday people can bring old items that they no longer use, which will then be recycled or re-used by others, who can buy them for a voluntary contribution. The money collected will go towards the roof of the market hall, which is in urgent need of repair.

The Sunday Parade, organised by the Aliancia Stará Tržnica civic association and the Nadácia Milana Šimečku Foundation, takes place once a month in the Old Market Hall in downtown Bratislava’s SNP Square.