THE SLOVAK labour market is one of the most gender-segregated markets in Europe. Dušan Chrenek, the head of the Representation of the EC in Slovakia, said this at the seminar “Why Women Matter in Business”, organised by the European Commission in the Slovak Republic, the US Embassy to Slovakia and the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia (AmCham) in mid May.

He pointed out that women are confronted with stereotypes and biases about which jobs are suitable for them as early as when deciding on what to study. The gender pay gap, which is nearly one quarter higher than the EU average, is closely connected to the gender imbalance in the Slovak labour market, the SITA newswire wrote.

Gender stereotypes are also reflected in Slovakia’s business sphere, where there are three male entrepreneurs per one female entrepreneur. Only one third of managerial positions are held by women.

The seminar dealt with topics of gender equality, challenges faced by female entrepreneurs and closing the gender gap in the labour market. Simona Kováčiková, the head of the Slovak Women Platform, appointed nine goodwill ambassadors to raise awareness about these issues among decision makers and to foster women-friendly legislative solutions.