AS MANY as 47.7 percent of Slovaks aged 18-35 do not work in the field in which they studied. Even 40 percent of young people admitted that they would choose a different career path if they had the chance to repeat their decision about their chosen profession, according to the Focus polling agency. These findings were behind the launch of the Success Academy project, aimed at helping young Slovaks advance their career, the TASR newswire wrote.

The survey found that deciding on one’s profession is one of the most important decisions people make during their lives, with as many as 79 percent of the respondents confirming this. The survey also showed that every 10th Slovak adult aged 35 or younger realised when studying that he or she would rather work in a completely different sector. The survey found that the main reason why Slovaks make poor decisions about their profession is a lack of information (31.3 percent).

Success Academy is a project by Microsoft Slovakia and the non-profit organisation Aptech Europe, which seeks to help students and young people find answers to questions related to their future careers and the realities of the labour market.