THE SHARE of women in Slovakia wanting to work part time has increased by 3 percentage points to 28 percent in the last five years. This is based on data from the biggest job website in Slovakia,, the TASR newswire reported in mid May.

“The share of offered part-time jobs is around 6 percent in the long term,” said Marcela Glevická, spokesperson of, as quoted by TASR, adding that companies looked for 7,880 part-time employees last year. Firms searched most often to fill positions like administrative worker, shop assistant, sales representative, assistant, telephone operator, programmer and specialised sales representative.

On the other hand, some companies provide their employees with benefits in the form of flexible work time. Based on’s remuneration survey,, 19 percent of Slovaks receive such a benefit.

“People working in the IT sector can work when it is the most comfortable for them, as 40 percent of IT companies declare flexible work time,” said Glevická.

Flexible work time is most common in positions in insurance, translation, top management and telecommunications, according to