THE REMAINS of a woman found by German police buried in a forest near the city of Munich belonged to a Slovak woman who had been missing for more than one year, the Bild daily informed on its website in mid May.

The woman, aged 36, was a mother of two (aged six and three) and had been living in Germany with an electrician, Bülent A., 43, in the Pasing borough of Munich. She went missing in March 2013.

She had allegedly been having an affair with another man. When Bülent A. found out about the affair, he became jealous and lost his job, and reportedly followed his girlfriend and filmed her with her new lover.

The Slovak woman reportedly arranged to meet Bülent A. on March 12, 2013, to break off the relationship, and it is believed that this meeting ended fatally. The Slovak women allegedly asked him to move out of their flat, which would have been a major financial hardship for Bülent A. He assaulted the woman, Bold wrote, and though the neighbours heard her scream, nobody called the police.

What happened next is still unknown. Bülent A. quickly became the primary suspect and was taken into custody, but has kept silent and denies having committed any crime, the TASR newswire reported, quoting Bild. The Slovak woman was reported missing only on March 18 by one of her friends.

“He has always taken care of the children, cooked and played with them,” one of his acquaintances told the police. “I cannot imagine him murdering anyone.” The Slovak woman is alleged to have spent much time outside their home, often with male companions.

Police found the woman’s remains based on an anonymous tip and were able to identify her through her teeth. The prosecutor’s office claims that she was strangled, and that no traces of blood were found in the suspect’s flat.