THE SLOVAK Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) will probably support the changes to the judiciary which are part of the constitutional amendment authored by Smer and the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH). The party says it does not mind the controversial security clearances of judges, but asks for implementing its own proposals too, the Sme daily reported in its May 30 issue.

Other opposition parties, however, criticise the changes, pointing mostly to the way it was prepared.

SDKÚ MP Ľudovít Kaník has already prepared his own proposal that should specify the subject of the clearances. This includes the relations with people connected to the organised crime, inappropriate property conditions and suspicions of corruption.

“We agreed with the KDH that such change is good,” Kaník said, as quoted by Sme, adding that also negotiations with Smer are on track.

The SDKÚ also suggests that not the Judicial Council, but the president, should decide over the results of the clearances.

Independent MP Radoslav Procházka, however, disagrees with the whole concept of clearances. According to him, current proposal creates room for the “clan wars” and “wilfulness of those who have the fewest scruples”, as reported by Sme.

Daniel Lipšic of NOVA considers the clearances system “misusable, absurd and non-transparent”. He also criticised the way how Smer and KDH agreed on changes: without experts, Sme wrote.

Also Most-Híd and Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) parties say they will not support the amendment.

Source: Sme

Compiled by Radka Minarechová from press reports

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