AS MANY as three-quarters of Slovaks connect to the internet regularly (61 percent every day), and 50 percent say that they cannot imagine their lives without the internet, the TASR newswire reported, quoting a recent Google survey.

Slovaks access the internet most frequently at home – 98 percent, and via computers – 97 percent. They most often look for information (87 percent), communicate with their families and friends (79 percent), use internet-banking (73 percent), read the news (68 percent) and watch videos on YouTube (62 percent).

Although computers and notebooks have remained the dominant devices for internet access, 58 percent of regular users also access it via smartphones, while almost one in three use a tablet. Almost half of the Slovaks questioned said that they are connected to the internet virtually non-stop so as not to miss anything important.

More men than women own smartphones, which may be one of the reasons why men use the internet more in everyday situations. While women tend to use the internet more for communication, sharing images on social networks and looking for cooking recipes, men have a wider scope of activities on the internet, such as communication with friends, internet banking, reading the news and looking for information on online maps.