THE TEN most successful organisations holding fund-raising collections in 2013 collected almost €3.5 million, based on an analysis of the Centre for Philanthropy, the SITA newswire wrote on May 5.

“Costs for organising collections included into the ranking accounted for only 8 percent of gross revenues,” said Igor Polakovič, project manager of the Centre for Philanthropy, as cited by SITA.

The fund-raising collection of the League Against Cancer, Daffodil Day, was again the biggest in 2013. People in total granted €902,467 and its organisational costs did not exceed 7 percent of its gross revenues.

The second biggest collection was the carolling fund-raising collection Dobrá Novina (Good News) organised by eRko – the Movement of Christian Communities of Children. Through this channel the public contributed €869,892 to development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. The third biggest collection last year was Dobrá Krajina (Good Country) organised by the Pontis Foundation. This collection cooperates also with the Heart for Children project, while contributions for this project make up the better portion of funds raised. Gross revenues of Good Country were €643,343. Collections Hodina Deťom (Hour for Children), Boj proti Hladu (the Fight against Hunger), Magna Children at Risk, the collection to repair the Krásna Hôrka Castle, Ď ( and Biela Pastelka (While Pencil) were also on the list.