THE ONLY café with a wheel-chaired waiter, Café Luxor in Bratislava, celebrated its first anniversary on May 29. The café, which operates as a so-called protected workplace, employs three physically handicapped staffers in the position of waiter, economist and marketing worker, the SITA newswire reported.

“For me it was important not only to give jobs to disabled people but also to build a public awareness and remove barriers,” said Juraj Valčák, the owner of the Café Luxor as cited by SITA. This way he wants to show that also people with physical disabilities are able to work and have what to the labour market.

The café is located in the shopping passage at Grosslingova street in the city centre. It offers free Wi-Fi, menus in the Braille alphabet and gluten-free sweets.

When ordering coffee, guests can pay for additional one which then the staff serves to those, who are not able to pay for it.

During the first year of existence the café prepared 821 litres of coffee, when the waiter prepared over 10,000 cups of coffee and wheeled his wheel-chair a total of 171 kilometres. The employers worked out 8,192 hours and prepared 36 activities for their guests and supporters. A photo exhibition shows a selection of images from these events and ordinary life of the café.